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Megahouse One Piece Limited Sadi-Chan

This figure will be release this week. The only problem with this figure its that its an exclusive figure from Megahouse, which means that she will be expensive if you find her after the release date. Sadi-chan is the Sexy Chief Guard of Impel down and everybody remember her of her funny noises when she gives pain to the Impel Down prisoners. Her character acts and dresses like a dominatrix and her weapons of pain are a trident that looks like Poseidon’s Spear and a Whip that she uses to slash her prisoners. Once I get more pics of her I will be posting them. Also please leave your comments if you have any. Thanks



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Megahouse Re-release Trafalgar Law Sailing Again and Don Flamingo DX

Great news guys, Megahouse has just announce the re-release of the following figures: Don Flamingo DX and Trafalgar Law Sailing Again. The re-release will happen this next July 3rd at 6pm (Japan Time) so be excited because now you have the chance of getting them if you missed them the 1st time.


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One Piece Franky Chogokin


I saw this news today about this chogokin Franky that will be released pretty soon. For us that love the series it will be a great addition to your collection. The beauty of this figure is that it can transform. Yes I know what you may be thinking and yes the answer its that it can transform like a Transformer will.

Here are some photos about the figures. Apparently the figure will have a release price of 25,000 Yens (about 250 dollars). I will let you know more information once it comes available.


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Super One Piece Super Styling (Nami) Film Z

Here’s a photo of a figure that I bought.

This is a One Piece Super Styling Film Z figure from Bandai and it comes in a set of 4 figures. Before getting the figure I was kind of afraid that the figures will turn out to be ugly but once I open the box I got really surprised of the quality of it. Of course these figures are not as detailed as the Megahouse figures but they are way cheaper. I hope you enjoy the pictures.


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Wonder Festival 2013 is Near


Hello lovely people.

The new figure festival is here. This festival is called the Wonder Festival.

For those who don’t know about the Wonder Festival, this festival is bi-annual (2 per year). One in Summer and one in the winter and its held at Tokyo Japan.

This event will be displaying a lot of anime figures, mechas and sci-fi figures from the best companies around the world. The date for this amazing event is this next Summer (July 28 – Sunday).

So prepare your calendars. I will be posting all the One Piece figures that they start showing once the event starts.

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New Megahouse One Piece Metallic Kyupin Version

Good news friends for Chopper fans but the good news has a catch,

Megahouse will be releasing an exclusive Kyupin version that will be just sold at the J-World theme park in Tokyo Japan. The release will be this next July 11th and it will have a price of 2500 Yens (including taxes). The difference between this figure and the previous one is that now they will be using metallic colors. This a small picture that I found from the j-world page (

I will be posting more information if possible.


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Megahouse One Piece Arlong

Here’s a picture of the Megahouse POP Arlong. When I first saw this figure I wasn’t sure if I was going to buy it but believe me, this figure is really worth it and even better is not expensive anymore. Arlong is one of the 1st enemies that Luffy faces. Arlong is the captain of the Arlong pirates and he was a former pirate of the Sun Pirates. He holds a grudge agains all mankind and he considers that people are way inferior than the people at Fishman Island where he is from.

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