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WCF Halloween Mega Franky (more photos)

Here are some more pictures from the supeeeeeeeeer MEGA figure of Franky.

It’s funny how they make Franky look like Frankenstein and they paint him all in blue. I wonder how he will look if they painted him in like a Hulk green.


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Ichiban Kuji One Piece Nami

I found these pictures of the Ichiban Kuji One Piece figure of Nami.

I really love this figure. The way they put her with her Clima-Tact weapon, her belt, her hair, well all the details pretty much.

Is amazing how companies are making better figures now a days. I really hope you like the pictures and feel free to leave any comment.



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Megahouse POP One Piece Sanji Film Z (Official Photos)

Today I found these beautiful images from the new Megahouse POP Sanji Film Z version.

Just by looking at the pictures you can tell that this is a beautiful figure.

I really like more the poses that Megahouse is putting to the figures now. The only thing I will want to see more is that the figures come with more extra parts.

Even when this figure of Sanji doesn’t come with an extra head or extra hands, you got to love the fact that you can put his coat on or off.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and many thanks to amiami and hobby search for the beautiful images.



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Hurry and get your POP Gold D. Roger (Hobby Search In-Stock)


All those who couldn’t got Roger in Amiami or Hobby, well don’t think it twice and go to the hobby search page get your Gold D. Roger.

He is still in stock for 7650 yens.

Here’s the link to the figure.


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WCF Banpresto One Piece Franky Halloween Vol. 2 (How cool and Supeeeeer is Franky)

How Suuuuupeeeeeer is this FRANKY.

I really love this MEGA figures they are pretty well made.

I can wait to buy one of this figures. So far what I have found is that this figures are sold by or the grandline shop.

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One Piece WCF Halloween Vol 2

Found these images that show the WCF One Piece Halloween Vol 2 figures.

I really like these figures. Specially if the Franky it’s a Mega figure.

I currently own the Mega WCF Franky and I can really tell you that is super nice addition to any One Piece collection.

Do you have a WCF figure. Please send me a picture of which collection you have so I can share it with everybody.

Enjoy the pictures. Continue reading

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Megahouse POP One Piece Mugiwara (More Photos)

Hello guys,

Here are some images what it seems are official photos from the Nami Mugiwara figure.

Here are some details as well:

Price: 7350 ¥ (yens)

Pre-order period: Sept 17 – Nov 27

Stores: Premium Bandai, Megatrea Shop, Meke.

Like always if I found a store that has this figure, I will let you know.

Also guys don’t forget to add a comment to either our page or Facebook in case I forget to keep looking.

Enjoy the pictures.

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