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Well well it didn’t take too long for the 1st Rebecca pre-order link

Hi guys,

I just posted that Megahouse is going to open pre-order for Rebecca and booooom right away Thegrandlineshop puts it for pre-order.

If you want to get her. Please go to the following link. Price is $86 dollars with free Airmail shipping.

Hope you get her and send me some pictures once you got her.



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Boooooooom Are you ready for Rebecca???? March 5th is the date for Pre-order

Hello guys,

Today Megahouse announced a pretty good news for everybody.

They are going to open  the next POP pre-order. This time they will be opening Rebecca for pre-orders.

Are you ready for this Sexy gladiator? Pre-orders will start this MArch 5th at 18:00 (Japan Time).

I hope you are and I really hope you can win the fight at the Japanese site. If you don’t want to deal with all that drama, then I suggest to go to thegrandlineshop, animarket, biginjapan or nippon-yasan.

So lets get ready guys and hope you can pre-order Rebecca.

Please let me know if you are going to get her or pass on this figure. I want to know your opinions.


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Closeup Pics from Megahouse POP Luffy Z


Here’s some closeup pictures of Megahouse POP Luffy Z version.

In a couple of weeks I will be getting it, so just wait a little until I can get an actual video review on this figure.

For now, let me show you these pics that I got from thegrandlineshop.


There are some visible problems with this figure already. The muscle on Luffy arms they look weird and also the pants look washed out.



Looking at his back, the arms look like they were figma’s arms.






I will just loved this figure if they could make it with a haki arm. That will be so awesome but unfortunately so far no haki Luffy figure.





Also, the scar on his chest it also looks weird. I have seen the real scar on the anime/manga and it looks different.





Here are the rest of the images. I will let you judge if this Luffy figure is a good one or not. So far my favorite Luffy figure is the Sailing Again version (the only flaw was the scar), but the rest looked pretty nice.

So please let me know what you think and put any comments if possible.





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Megahouse P.O.P Limited Nami Mugiwara (Box Images and Figure)

Hey guys this post is related to the new Nami Mugiwara from Megahouse.

I want to give a lot of thanks to thegrandlineshop for this lovely pictures.

As you know this are just pictures, so once I get this lovely figure I will be doing an actual video review.

So here you go guys. Let me know if you like this figure and if you are going to get her.



Box images. I really like this box is do colorful. 



Here are the images for the actual figure. Even when this figure seems to be a static figure, it really looks good. Let’s just hope that in our review we don’t see anything wrong with it.





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Mugiwara Pirates 15th anniversary picture question

You probably check the new outfits of the Mugiwara Characters.

So I have a question for you. Which character you like the most?  Please comment on facebook, twitter or to this post or the poll bellow.

Have a wonderful day everybody.


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Shirahoshi Q posket (BanPresto) Link for Pre-order


For those who liked the Shirahoshi Image that I posted today. 

I find out that Big in Japan has it for pre-order. Release date will be June 2014.

She has a price of 1490 yens which is pretty cheap 🙂

It also seems that the Banpresto company is the one making her or maybe a little company form Banpresto called Q Posket. But well the name in the big in japan site says Q Posket Shirahoshi but manufacturer says BanPresto. Either way is nice good looking figure.

So if you like her, well just go and get her guys. Here’s the link.

If you can’t find figures, just let us know. We will try to do our best to find you the best deal for your desire figure.Image