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Megahouse POP Zoro Film Z Box and Figure Pics

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Hi there,

I just saw this at thegrandlineshop website and I had to share it with you guys. So first of all thanks thegranlineshop for this amazing pictures.

First let’s check the Zoro figure box pictures. It actually looks pretty nice.


Looking at the inside of the box. Of course it had to be green. Love what they did with the interior.

This box actually looks pretty awesome since this figure has a lot of multiple poses.


Here’s a picture of the plastic box protecting this lovely figure.


Now lets see the first pictures of Zoro POP Z. Zoro looks amazing on this fighting pose.




Let’s see another pose. This time we can See Zoro with his 3 swords figthing pose. What do you think of this figure so far?

I think both poses so far look amazing. Let’s keep checking them.





This one looks awesome, look at his mean face while holding the sword on his mouth.


More pictures.



If you were thinking that was all. Guess again, now we can see Zoro with his full outfit. What do you think, do you like it?

Bandana and Cape combo really highlights the whole figure.





You can actually remove the bandana and this is how Zoro will look like.


or you can have him like this. Actually this pose for me was like the cherry on the cake. It is absolutely beautiful.

I can’t wait to have this figure in my hands and do a video review on it.

So guys, let me know what you think about the figure and let me know if you are also waiting for Zoro patiently or desperately like me.


Once again, many thanks to thegrandlineshop for this awesome figures.

Check their website if you want to get One Piece figures. 100% recommend it



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