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Megahouse P.O.P re-issue of Robin Dereshi Version (Megahobby EXPO 2014)

Probably you already know about this figure, but for those who didnt here it is.

Megahouse has announced that on the next Megahobby EXPO 2014 SPRING (May 31st 2014) they will be selling a re-issue of the CB P.O.P figure of Robin Dereshi Version.

As you might know you can still get this figure but it is really pricy (around 160-180 dollars since it’s a rare one). At the time of the event they will have the figure for 3,000 yens (about 30 dollars).

For those who bought her recently I’m really sorry, but you know what don’t be. This figure is worth every penny and like I always say if there is something that you want and you can afford then go for it.

For those that can get this one at the event (congrats) or those that probably will get her from a japan website (rare but possible), I wish you best of luck. I will let you know if there is a website that will get her, but please please please don’t pay a proxy server to get her. I’m pretty sure that if you are patient you can get her for maybe 20 more bucks. If you really go to one of those proxy servers you will probably get her for the same price as the original and if you ask me, then get the original instead of a re-issue.

Here are a couple of pictures of this amazing figure. Enjoy.

robindereshi1 robindereshi2 robindereshi3


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Megahouse P.O.P Limited Video Review


I’m happy to show you this new video review of the Nami Mugiwara Limited figure from Megahouse.

I hope you like the review and if you like please leave a comment. I will be happy to read your comments.



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Now you can get these awesome Zoro watches

I really like when I find news like this one. Where I can actually share more items that you can get related to the One Piece series.

I know that sometimes you think that it will be awesome if you could find more items instead of just actions figures. So, this time I’m super glad that I found this awesome Zoro watch. Well is not just one watch, they have two.

I’m not going to lie, they are kind of expensive (33000 yens) That is almost 330 US dollars for those that wanted to know.

The watch comes in two different models. A leather wristband one, this one comes with a two tone wristband (black for the outside and green for the inside) and a metallic one (which is all silver). I added a picture of both watches so you can check it out as well as the links for both of them.


Please let me know if you will be getting this cool item. For those Zoro fans out there I think is a must have item.


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One Piece Scultures Big Kinemon up for Pre-orders

Guys today biginjapan has open the pre-orders of the new upcoming One Piece Scultures Big figure of Kinemon.

The price is 1590 yens + shipping and I got to say that this is a one good looking figure.

For those who want to get him, here is the direct link and a picture of this figure.

colosseum_kinemon1 colosseum_kinemon2

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Megahouse P.O.P Bellamy The Hyena Next for Pre-order April 8th (18:00 Japan Time)

Hey guys,

This figure got me by surprise. Megahouse us going to open the Bellamy for pre-orders in a few hours (18:00 Japan Time).

As always you can try to get this figure from the well known japan sites (amiami or hobby search) and fortunately if you don’t want to try to win a figure at those sites, you can still get him at thegrandlineshop or at animarket.

Let me know if you want to get him. I personally think this figure will go cheaper in a few months specially since Bellamy is a secondary character. Here are the pictures of the upcoming figure. 



Note: If you want to get him at thegrandlineshop site. Here’s the link


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As promised here are the pictures of the new P.O.P of Zoro Film Z

Here are the photos guys,

I hope you like them. I think this is the first time I take some pictures of a single figure so let me know what you think.

I had a lot of fun taking this pictures that I even had to delete a lot of them and I mean a lot of them (like 50) jejejeje. But well I think I left the good ones here. I also tried to take some monochromatic ones, so please let me know if you like those as well.

Here are the pictures so enjoy.


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Oh no another Chopperman Will they end up doing them?

It seems that there is no ending of these Chopperman figures. I don’t know what you guys think but I’m kind of tired to see these figures. But it seems that until they use all the colors from the rainbow then they will stop creating them 😛

Here’s a picture of the new one but I need your help on this one. I really think they already released a pink chopperman before. Am I right or this is the 1st time?