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Oh Holly Jesus they had the best for last (Ace and Nami POPs)

Oh my God,

Thanks God I waited so I can show you this amazing news. As soon as I can get better pictures I will update the post for sure.

Here are two figures that will be loved by a lot of people.

A new ACE figure and a new Nami figure.

Here are the pictures. Let me know what do you think. Please if you like our page and our news, please go and check our facebook as well and like us there that will mean a lot for us.




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The Hype is real (POP 10 anniversary POPs)

Here they come guys.

See what I told you might be true. There are two spaces for two figures.

Let’s just wait to see what they show.

Hype is real 😀

pop10_1 pop10_2

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Waiting for some possible NEW POPs

We are still waiting for the possible announcement of two new POPs.

My guess is that they will announce the Contest POP winners, which according to votes are a new LAW and a new NAMI.

Let’s just wait, news comes at 2pm Japan Time


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The Dressrosa Arc is coming Hard (Little Rebecca, Viola and Mr Soldier POPs)

Like I was telling you. It seems that Megahouse is going hard on Dressrosa figures.

Do you like their idea of releasing Dressrosa figure or not?

New upcoming figures (Viola, Little Rebecca and Mr. Soldier)


rebecagirl1 soldier1 viola1