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Figuarts Zero Viola (Looking great for a Figuarts)

Here we have the first Viola figure that is going to be release for pre-orders.

This figure looks great and the best thing is that it won’t be super expensive like a POP. The release expected price is 3780 yens but I bet they are going to have it for 5-7% less when they open preoders.

I’m also comparing the not painted version of Viola with this figuarts zero figure and I got to say that the Megahouse version looks exagerated (specially on the size of he chest).

Here is the image of the upcoming Figuarts Zero Viola and below is the picture of the non-painted version of Megahouse so you can decide.



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Rebecca and Mr Soldier POP and something I need to say


Megahouse just released at first a hint of which figures were the next ones for pre-orders but they are not confusing anybody with these shadows. Clearly they were talking about Rebecca Child and Mr. Soldier.

Here’s the picture


Also, if you check more on the dedicated page that megahobby has for the POP series which is this one:

You will see that they already have a photo collage of what Mr. soldier and Rebecca will look as well as some of the different poses that they will have.

Here’s the photo collage provided by megahobby.

The expected release dates of these figure should be in October 2014. We still don’t have price for them but as soon as I know I will let you know as always.


Note: Please don’t be fooled by some sites where they just spam pictures and pictures of the upcoming new releases. We try to do our best and give you the best news and accurate information on figures. We prefer to do reviews (specially video reviews) when we get the actual figures and we rarely do reviews based on images. Why? because we can’t really tell you what we really think about the figure if we just watch an image (specially a figure that hasn’t been release yet).

I understand that we have to pre-order the figure before they get release but I know there are a lot of people that wait until they get released so they can find them cheaper at ebay, yahoo auction japan, us sites, etc.

But well, you are our viewers so let me know what you want. If you want more polls so you submit your ideas, or games or contest let us know.

We want to make this site the best site for One Piece Series and who knows maybe we can include some other ones in the future.

Finally, Thanks a lot for all your support we almost reach 30,000 views and 300 likes on facebook and our videos on youtube are growing everyday. I never knew that my video review on Mihawk was going to get 2200 views by now. You Thanks a lot

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More amazing pictures of Megahouse POP MAS of Marco The Phoenix

Found these amazing pictures of Marco POP MAS.

I’m really impressed on the way Megahouse created this figure. Let’s review it for a little bit.

First of all look at this amazin face and effects on Marco. You can really tell that Megahouse nailed it this time. I also like the transition they put on the color of Marco’s shirt. The purple fading away is fantastic


Let’s now check more pictures of the box and inner package of Marco. As you can see they put a lot of blue on this box. Specially because Marco’s flames are blueish.

The sides and the back of the box doesn’t have a lot of different poses because Marco is a static box, but even when he is static is a pretty good box overall.


marco_phoenix_MAS2 marco_phoenix_MAS3 marco_phoenix_MAS4

On the inner package you can see that just separated the bottom part of Marco and that they put some kind of square box on the part of Marco’s arm (Phoenix Arm). I’m pretty sure that is to protect the figure.

marco_phoenix_MAS5 marco_phoenix_MAS6

Here are some closeup pictures of Marco. This figure like I said previously looks amazing. Also, the washed pants of Marco look amazing.



I like the way they detailed Marco’s flame wings (well wing) and the flame on his eye.


The same goes for the detailing on Marco’s back. I’m just wondering if the plastic that they used is hard as previous capes or if its a more flexible plastic like the one the use on Vivi’s skirt.


Here’s are some other  closeup pictures of Marco. In here you can see the pretty nice beard that they painted over Marco’s face and the high detail they put on the whole figure.



By far these are the most beautiful bird legs that I have seen. Thanks Megahouse I’m loving this figure so far.



Finally, I present to you the base that Marco will have this time. They decided to go with a translucent base which looks insane and you can also see that Marco’s base has an attachment to it so you can put Marco on top of the flame base.

The last picture shows the differences between the old Marco and the new one. So, what do you think guys.

Did you love the new Marco or hate the figure? Let me know.





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Megahouse One Piece P.O.P MAS Marco The Phoenix (Box and photos)

Here are some pictures of this upcoming figure of Marco. This figures for me is the best MAS so far from Megahouse. It seems that with every MAS figure that they make they also improve the quality of them.

I have two figures so far form the series (Lucci and Chopper). The first one I didn’t like but at least they tried and the 2nd one (Chopper) I have to say that they actually did a pretty good job.

Here are the pictures so you can see if you like it or not.


marco_mas1 marco_mas2 marco_mas3 marco_mas4 marco_mas5 marco_mas6 marco_mas7 marco_mas8 marco_mas9 marco_mas10

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Figuarts Zero One Piece Shanks Special Color Version (Open for pre-orders)

Hi and congrats for all of the people that like the Figuarts Zero figures.

Shanks is now up for pre-orders and I really think this special color version looks better than the original one.

Here’s the link from Big in Japan where you can get this amazing figure. Let me know if you like the figure or pre-order it. I want to read your comments on this Shanks figure.

Price is 4490 yens + shipping.


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More pictures of the Cry Heart Vol 2 series

Hello guys, Here are some more pictures of these amazing little figures of Luffy, Ace and Sabo. First of all you can see the three little brothers together on this awesome picture. cryheart10     Now you have to agree with me that these next figures are pretty amazing. I was going to say that the one where Luffy is angry was my best, but then I saw the one when they are walking or the one where they are laying in the grass and I said to myself all the of them are pretty great. cryheart11 cryheart13 cryheart14 cryheart15

or what can you say about this awesome show when they are smiling. cryheart16

Here are some individual images of all of them and a picture of Garp and Dadan. cryheart17 cryheart18 cryheart19 cryheart20

You got to love Luffy and his funny faces. cryheart21

Of course the last images are made thinking on the most epic moment between this bunch. I hope you like these pictures guys. cryheart22 cryheart23 cryheart24 cryheart25