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Well well well Fujitora and Sugar are coming super quick for pre-orders


It seems that we are going to see the Fujitora figure faster than we imagine and also like I was telling you we also going to see Sugar.

Megahouse just announced that Fujitora and Sugar will be up for pre-orders this next August 6th, 2014. So, are you excited to get Fujitora or Sugar.

I predict that none of the figures will be sold out immediately at the Japanese website and if they do, you know that you have more options with stores like thegranlineshop, animarket, biginjapan and nippon-yassan.

So, as soon as I know more information about these figures or if I know which pages open pre-orders before the japanese sites, I will let you know.



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Megahouse POP Limited Review de Sengoku El Buddha

Bueno aqui tambien les pongo el link del Video Review que hice también de Sengoku pero en Español.

Espero que les guste y pues este video fue a petición de varios usuarios que me pidieron los vídeos en español.

Disfruten el video y diganme si les gusto y quieren mas videos en español.


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Megahouse POP of Bellamy (Pictures)


Here are some (a lot of images) from the new upcoming POP of Bellamy.

Full credit to thegrandlineshop and toy is money for these awesome awesome pictures.

Let me know if you are getting him.

Here are the pictures. Also thanks a lot we just reach 30,000 views on this page. Many many thanks to you guys. Let’s reach the 100K before the end of the year 🙂

Bellamy with his arms crossed

bellamy11 bellamy12 bellamy13 bellamy14 bellamy15 bellamy16 bellamy17 bellamy18 bellamy19 bellamy20 bellamy21 bellamy22 bellamy23

Bellamy with glasses (Beach mode on)




bellamy24 bellamy25 bellamy26 bellamy27

Bellamy with his Tongue face on




bellamy28 bellamy29 bellamy30 bellamy31

This one is also funny


These last one are from bellamy but with his arms separated. Bellamy showing his guns.bellamy33 bellamy34 bellamy35 bellamy36 bellamy37 bellamy38 bellamy39 bellamy40


Finally I show you the box pictures and plastic box.

bellamy_box1 bellamy_box2 bellamy_box3 bellamy_box4 bellamy_box5

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Who wants Ace Devil Fruit ? Mera Mera no Mi anyone?

The just open for pre-order the nice looking devil fruit of Ace.

But I will worn you. If you eat it it won’t give you Ace’s powers eh jejejejeje.

Here are some pictures of the Fruit and the page where you can get it from.


aceDevil1 aceDevil2 aceDevil3 aceDevil4 aceDevil5

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Megahouse POP of Sugar release date Winter


Here are news that it might interested you.

It seems that the next figure for pre-order will be Sugar but no pre-order date available yet.

The regular price will be 4000 yens but I’m sure the sale price will be around 3400-3600 yens.

I will let you know as soon as I know.

Here are some pictures of Sugar.

3wf_sugar2 sugar1 3wf_sugar1

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Wonder Fest Summer 2014 Best POPs (Nami Mugiwara and Ace)

Here is what I promised guys.

Here are the pictures of Nami Mugiwara and Portgas D Ace.

Nami looks amazing and way way better than the original Nami Mugiwara and Ace it looks ok but if Ace doesn’t have any flames I guess I will be disappointed (which it seems it will happen like that).

But well I let you decide which figure you like the most as always on a poll at the end of this post.

Here are the pictures and Enjoy








What do you guys think? Please vote on this poll.