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Wooooow look at this amazing picture of Ace Limited

I don’t have words to describe how happy I am to see a picture of the upcoming figure of Portgas D Ace.

For me, this is by far the best Ace figure that Megahouse has released.

Better than the original, the Neos and even better than the first Ace limited.

The best thing is that it will have accessories so that is always a plus.

So, what do you guys think? Are you happy? Are you ready?

Finally, come on you have to love the smiling Ace head of Ace.



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Suuuuupeeeeeer I’m Coming (Franky POP S.A.)

Hey great news, remember the contest where fans will be voting on which limited POP they wanted to be re-printed.

Well the winner was the super hard to get Franky Sailing Again POP. There is only a few bad things.

1) It will still be expensive. The price will be 17,280 yens + taxes but of course this price might change since this is for japanese sites.

2) It will also be limited so try to get him before he runs out.

I think these two japan site will have more information, but I warn you I don’t know japanese so if you actually do know japanese please let me know what does it say.

Pre-orders at the Japanese sites will start on September 5th.


Toei Animation online shop

But well if you really want him don’t worry because I’m pretty sure international website will have him as well like biginjapan, theonepiececollection, animarket, etc.

As soon as I know websites that will have him I will let you know.


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Sharing this amazing collection from Don Ramon

Hi Guys,

Let me share with you this amazing collection form Don Ramon. He has an awesome pictures as well as an awesome display case.

Congrats on your collection.

Also, I want to let you know that if you have a collection that you want to share please don’t hesitate on sharing it with us.

I hope I can see more and more pictures from you guys on the future.

Here’s the pictures of his collection.



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Megahouse CBs POPs maybe be coming soon

Guys look what I found online. It seems that Megahouse is thinking of maybe doing re-prints of the original CB-EX POPs (The ones for the child characters). I personally think this will be awesome. The reason why I think is awesome it’s this.

If you want to get a CB-EX of little Nami the average price is around 70 dllrs, or little Franky it’s like 60-65 dllrs.

Also, you have seen it that they decided to re-print the Robin Dereshi Version which was the most expensive CB of all the series.

So I really think they will surprise us pretty soon and announce that they will make them again.

For high collectors, I will think it will be awesome if they could just put on their Megahouse boxes that the figure is a reprint or in the foot of the figure, so when you sell your originals you can get more money from your investment, but well that is what I think.

What do you guys think?

Enjoy the pictures

cbs_repaint1 cbs_repaint2

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Look what is coming soon (Get ready for preorders)

Mark your calendars guys.

Here are some pre-orders coming our way and I’m exited to show you what is coming.

Megahouse POP Portgas D Ace. September 3rd

This awesome figure is coming at it will be ready for preorder on September 3rd (18:00 Japan Time)

Here’s the picture.



Whitebeard (Re-release) September 3rd

Yes you heard it right. If you miss him for his 2nd re-release well don’t worry about it. You can get him again. He will also be available on September 3rd (18:00 Japan Time)

Here’s the picture



So are you excited of these new upcoming figures? Let me know your comments here or in our Facebook page.


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Variant Figures Monkey D Luffy (coming for preorder)

Guys a new kind of figure if coming our way this next September 4

The variant figure of Luffy its almost here. Are you excited? Its awesome to finally see a figure form One Piece that you can actually flex all of its parts.

Here’s a picture so you can see what I’m talking about.


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Look what I just got today on the mail (Choopper Crimin)

I’m super super happy because I just got my POP of Tony Tony Chopper Crimin Version Asian Tour Limited today.

I want to share with you a couple of pictures that I took today and I hope I can do a review pretty soon.

I will have both Choppers on my review so you can compare them.

So, you just wait a little bit and let me know if you are excited to watch the video review.

I try to edit my pictures so I can play around with editing a little bit and to kind of prevent that my own pictures are being used in some other website. But, like I said I try to edit them, but I’m not good at it. If you are really good and you want to help, please let me know how to make them look better.

Enjoy the pictures

chopper1 chopper2 chopper3 chopper4 chopper5 chopper6