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Megahouse POP Sadi-chan oh yes she is back

Hi guys,

Now you can pre-order this Impel Down Dominatrix. Sadi-chan won 2nd place for the Limited figures contest that happen a few months or weeks back.

Now you can pre-order her. Unfortunately there is only one page that has her for pre-orders but as soon as I see more I will let you know. Here’s the link from biginjapan.

Big in Japan

Sadi-chan (9990 yens + shipping)



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Video Review of Figuarts Zero New World Roronoa Zoro

Here’s another video review that I made recently.

This time I did a Figuarts Zero review on the New World figure of Roronoa Zoro. I hope you like it.

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Megahouse Variant Action Heroes (Pictures of Law)


Here are some pictures of the new upcoming figure of Law. This figure is from the Varian Action Heroes collection and its the first time Megahouse does an articulated figure. The first released figure (Luffy) was actually pretty good and looked amazing. This Law figure also looks pretty good. What do you guy think, will you buy this one or not?

Release date it seems that it will be January 2015 and it will have an approximate price of 8640 yens.

Once I know the date for pre-orders I will let you know, now enjoy these lovely pictures.

law_variant1 law_variant2

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Where you can get Nami Mugiwara Ver 2

Guys, here’s  a list of the possible places where you can get your Nami Mugiwara Ver 2.

I just found these 3 sites and I think these ones are the best ones since they have either the Asian or Japanese version.

TheGrandlineShop (Price 85 dollars  + shipping)

Big in Japan (9300 yens + shipping)

Nippon-Yassan (8620 yens + shipping)

Please keep answering the poll to see which Nami is the best one.


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Scultures Big Victoria Cindry (Pre-order open)


For those who like Cindry-chan here’s your chance to get her.

Nipon-yassan just open pre-orders for her. So, Here’s the link so you can get her.

Her price is 2280 yens plus shipping.


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Figuarts Zero Sabo (My oh My)

Like my title says. My oh My look what I just saw. They finally showed a picture of the next figuarts zero of Sabo and I have to say that it looks awesome.

Remember guys that you can get Sabo already at thegranlineshop.

Here’s the link from thegranlineshop and the pictures, so enjoy.

He costs 25 dollars + shipping.

Here are the pictures.

sabo_fz1 sabo_fz2 sabo_fz3 sabo_fz4 sabo_fz5 sabo_fz6 sabo_fz7

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New pictures of Megahouse POP Limited of Chopper Camo

Here are some pictures of this lovely figure of Chopper.

For those who don’t know this is an exclusive of the mugiwara store. The mugiwara store is a store that sells a lot of different articles, figures and merchandise related to One Piece. Since they are celebrating their 2nd anniversary they have decided to put a Chopper Camo (Camouflage) version of the Chopper Sailing Again figure. I hope you like the figure and if everything goes ok and in the future I can get this figure I will do a video of it.

Enjoy the pictures


chopper_camo1 chopper_camo2 chopper_camo3 chopper_camo4 chopper_camo5 chopper_camo6 chopper_camo7 chopper_camo8 chopper_camo9 chopper_camo10 chopper_camo11