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Official Pictures of Megahouse POP Trafalgar Law 2.5

Here are the official pictures of the Trafalgar Law 2.5 version.

Enjoy the pictures

law_2_5_o1 law_2_5_o2 law_2_5_o3 law_2_5_o4 law_2_5_o5 law_2_5_o6 law_2_5_o7 law_2_5_o8 law_2_5_o9 law_2_5_omain


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Here are the pre-order dates for the Megahouse CB-R1 Series


Mark your calendars. This next November 7th (18:00 Japan Time), you are going to be able to get the CB-R1 Series of the following characters:

Monkey D Luffy

Nico Robin (Standing version)


So like I said prepare your wallets because the CB series its coming


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Megahouse Trafalgar Law 2.5 Pictures and Info

Guys here are some news related to the Megahouse POP of Trafalgar 2.5

The price will be around 7990 yens.

The release date will be on March 2015

It will be limited and reservations will start on November 7th for those privilege to order him from the Japan stores.

But don’t worry TheGrandlineShop already has it for pre-order. Here’s the link 🙂

The price at the grandline shop it’s 75 dollars + shipping, with a deposit of 40 dollars.

This new figure it has new parts, like a new torso without the coat. The lower part of Law has being painted with a metallic color. The great thing its that the part for the version 2 can be placed on the 2.5 figure (Nice Megahouse).

So, here are some nice pictures of the new Law 2.5. Are you getting him. I just got convinced, I’m getting him hahahaha


law_2_5_3 law_2_5_2 law_2_5_1

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Megahouse CB figures coming back (I call it)


This its an awesome news for all of those like me that wanted a revival of this amazon series. The CB (child) series from Megahouse.

This had to be coming specially because of the addition of Rebecca and Momonosuke. I hope they make another Sabo, Koala and little Law. If you think more they could also make a Baby 5, Buffalo, Kuina, Chimney, Aisa, etc.

So according to recent news Megahouse will start by releasing the following three figures: Luffy, Nico Robin and Sanji.

The will have the following name CB-R1. I think the R its for Renewal.

So, let’s wait an see when can we pre-order these awesome figures, once I know I will let you know.

Are you excited?


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Ani Chara Child One Piece figures

Here are some little figures of one piece characters as children.

I really like them. The release date of these figures will be on December 2014 and it will be a box with the 15 pieces.

Once I know where to get them I will let you know. Here is a picture of these figures.


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Figuarts Zero Viola and Yes it is a Figuarts

Hello again guys,

Here are some pictures of the figuarts figure of Viola. The moment I saw the pictures I thought for a minute oh the POP of Viola but surprise surprise, I was in shock when I saw that it was actually the figuarts figure and not the Megahouse one.

So, here are the pictures and let me know if you thought that this figure was the POP or the actual figuarts.


viola_fs1 viola_fs2 viola_fs3 viola_fs4 viola_fs5 viola_fs6 viola_fs7 viola_fs8 viola_fs9 viola_fs10 viola_fs11

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Megahouse POP Trafalgar Law 2.5 a reality

Well I saw this news like 2 weeks ago but I didn’t want to get people excited just because there was a rumor that probably another Law figures was going to be released.

At the beginning I said oh my Dear Jesus another one? really Megahouse but well you know how these guys are right now.

The are just releasing crazy figures instead of making the real figures that matter.

But well, lets talk about the facts. The figure will be limited, so you know what that means (more money) and hard to get a real japanese toei sticker figure but if you don’t care like me, then just buy it from a good international site.

If my theory is correct, according to the pictures I think the pre-order will be probably in November 7th and the release date will be for March 2015 but please correct me if I’m wrong.

Well here are some pictures so you guys can see what this figure looks like. I’m not really a fan of this one but I might get it to do a review and probably sell it later.

Enjoy the pictures.

law2_5_1 law2_5_2 law2_5_3