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One Piece Swords, Yes Swords

Oh My God that is what I said when I saw this news online.

Aparently there is this company (sword craftsman from famous Higashiyama temple) that started making the 3 swords of Zoro and Trafalgar Law sword.

Immediately I was like I need them but when I realized that each sword its almost 1000 dollars I was like mmmmmm I wish I was rich hahahahaha.

But here you go, here are some pictures of these amazing hand made swords from Zoro and Law.

Let me know if you like them. Personally, I like the Kitetsu and Kikoku(Law) sword more.

They are available at but man they are crazy expensive.

Here’s the link for the 1st sword if there is somebody interested.【ONE-PIECE正規ライセンス商品】本格美術刀剣:三代鬼徹(ロロノア・ゾロ所有刀)/dp/B00NUT0US0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1414203466&sr=8-1&keywords=本格美術刀剣+三代鬼徹+ロロノア・ゾロ所有

Sandai Kitetsu (¥99800)

kitetsu1 kitetsu2

Wado Ichimonji (¥79800)

wado1 wado2

Shusui (¥79800)

Shusui1 shusui2

Kikoku (¥99800)

kikoku1 kikoku2


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Megahouse POP CB Rebecca and Mr Soldier (Delayed)

Sorry guys but Megahouse seems that they like to delay all their products lately.

This time they are delaying Mr Soldier and Rebecca from the last week of October to early November, which we all know that early something its 1st week of that Month. So pretty sure they will be released on the 1st week on November.

So, let’s wait and lets hope which other figure we can see for the last two months of this year.


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X-Plus Gigantic Series Monkey D. Luffy

Here’s an interesting figure because this one look identical to the one that I show you a couple of weeks ago.

This one remind me a lot to the PLEX figure of Luffy but it seems that is a totally different one.

This one for all those collectors of Luffy has a height of 34.5 cm that is around 13.5 inches tall.

This figure is already for pre-order on different site. So, here are the links where you can get it from.

Big In Japan (9660 yens + shipping)

Nippon Yassan (9780 yens + shipping)

TheGrandLineShop (97 dollars + shipping with 40 dllrs for deposit)

Amiami (19280 yens + shipping)

Here are some pictures of this lovely figure.

gigantic_luffy1 gigantic_luffy2 gigantic_luffy3 gigantic_luffy4 gigantic_luffy5 gigantic_luffy6 gigantic_luffy7 gigantic_luffy8 gigantic_luffy9

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figuarts Zero Nami Battle version

Guys here’s another Nami figure from the Figuarts Zero brand.

This time they have come up with a Battle version of Nami (Sailing Again).

The release will be for 2015 and I still don’t know the pre-order date but as soon as I know I will let you know.

Here are a couples of pictures so you can see the figure.


nami2_1 nami2_2 nami2_3 nami2_4 nami2_5

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One Piece WCF – Attack

Hi guys,

Here are some pictures of a new WCF volume that will be released pretty soon.

It is called Attack and it features the Mugiwara pirates (except from Nami and Robin) aboard the Mini Merry 2.

Here are some pictures so you can see this lovely volume.

I hope you like the pictures. Enjoy.

attack1 attack2 attack3 attack4 attack5 attack6 attack7 attack8 attack9 attack10 attack11 attack12 attack13 attack14 attack15

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GrandlineMen Lady 15th Anniversary Nami and Robin

Well the Grandlinemen figures keep on coming. You can also pre-order this lovely figures of Nami and Robin on their 15th anniversary outfits.

Here is the link where you can get both figures which are combined on a single item, which I think is better that way.

If I see them separately I will let you know.

Nami and Robin (3200 yens + shipping)

grandlinemen_robin1 grandlinemen_nami1

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New The Grandlinemen Figures for Pre-orders Law and DoFlamingo

Here are a couple of new figure that you might be interested in getting.

You know all the hype for dressrosa figures so I guess everybody has decided to make some more and of course I’m talking about the most wanted figure now at days Trafalgar Law and the most hated villain at the moment DoFlamingo.

Trafalgar and DoFlamingo seem to have clothing like the 15th anniversary of the main characters. I’m just wondering if others series or companies are going to make the 15th anniversary figures. For example, if Megahouse starts making these figures for me personally I think this is too much now but well you never know. I guess we have to wait.

Enjoy the pictures and check the links

Trafalgar Law (1590 yens + shipping)

DoFlamingo (1590 yens + shipping)

doflamingo1 trafalgar