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Megahobby Expo 2014 Autumn (Megahouse Zoro and Bon Clay)

I always leave the good stuff for last, well not really good stuff for me cause I love this two characters.

Megahouse will be releasing an Original Zoro with his original clothing and a what it seems to be an Impel Down Bon Chan.

Few things come to my mind with these two figures.

1) Is Megahouse thinking of making new and better original figures?

2) Impel Down figure, does that mean that they are thinking of making Impel down figures (Ivankov, Inazuma, Magellan, Buggy?), we don’t know.

I guess we need to wait and see and we don’t have to wait a lot there is the winter expo coming up soon hahahaha.

Well, enjoy these awesome pictures of Zoro and Bon Clay and let me know what you guys think.

pop_zoro1 pop_zoro2  pop_zoro4 pop_bonclay1 pop_bonclay2 pop_bonclay3 pop_bonclay4pop_zoro3


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Megahobby Expo 2014 CB R2 (More Megahouse CBs) Brook – Boa and More

I’m happy to post these new figures. This time let me show you some new additions to the POP CB collection and some good news for the people that don’t have the CB figures. As you might know because I posted that Megahouse its re-releasing the CB series. They already re-released the following figures: Sanji, Luffy and Robin CBs.

Well now it seems that they will be releasing the new batch of Zoro, Nami (no more 100 dollars for her) and Nojiko.

Just by seeing this Nami and Nojiko it got me thinking that they might re-release Bellemere and maybe a more improved one.

Bad news for those who have her because if they re-release her then they can sell for a lot of money.

Before I forget, Megahouse also is going to release a new CB Brook and a new Boa (really don’t know why a Boa but she looks nice).

But well, enough of the chit chat, here are the new upcoming CB figures.


pop_cb_r2 pop_cb_r2_2 pop_cb_r2_boa pop_cb_r2_brook pop_cb_r2_namizoro

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Megahobby Expo 2014 Autumn Megahouse POP Sabo and Koala

I call it, and I knew that because a lot of other side companies from Bandai were making a lot of Sabo figures then Megahouse had to create his own figure.

Megahouse has shown at the Expo the new unpainted figures of Sabo and Koala. The only question for now is this.

Can we have multiple accessories and poses form these two characters? If they are static figures, I guess that is ok but come on Megahouse people love Sabo and I personally like Koala. Please don’t disappoint us and please make different parts for these figures.

So, did you like these figures guys? Do you want Sabo or Koala or both?


popkoala1 popkoala2 popsabo1 popsabo2 popsabo3 popsabo4

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Megahobby Expo 2014 Autumn Megahouse POP Kid and Killer


Megahouse has decided to make new Sailing Again or should I say Time-skip figures of Eustass Kid and Killer.

I have to say that they Kid figure looks pretty nice, I just hope that the cape is not as heavy as the original figure.

If its heavy you know who will suffer (us) because of the expensive shipping. Also, the new Killer looks promising.

I personally don’t like Killer on the time-skip, specially because he looks chubby muscular instead of stronger but this figure of him seems that they realized that.

So what do you guys think of these first 2 new upcoming figures? Do you like them?

popkid1 popkid2 popkid3 popkid4 popkiller1 popkiller2

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Megahobby Expo 2014 Autumn

Hi guys,

As you know I haven’t post anything recent, mainly because of health issues but I’m trying my best to post more thing.

Well I have exciting news for you this day. The Megahobby Expo of Autumn 2014 has started in Japan.

So, let’s see what brings us today. Are you excited? I am

Let the excitement start or maybe the disappointment but I got a feeling that we will be happy.


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Question: I want to know which Arc are you currently watching of One Piece?

Hi guys,

Sorry it took me a little bit more. I have been sick but I have returned and I have another question for now.

Can you let me know how much of the One Piece series have you seen? I want to know if there is people that just starting watching the series of if most of you are up-to-date like me with the anime and manga.

So please take a minute to answer my little survey. Thanks



Let’s start discussions and let me know if you don’t like them


I really want to start making some discussions in our page or facebook page.

I want to start with this 1st topic. Which Mugiwara Pirate you want to see with a Devil’s Fruit Power?

I know Luffy, Chopper, Brook and Robin are out of this topic because they already have powers but from the rest.

Which one will you like to have powers. For example what it comes to my mind is, what if Usopp had the powers of Violet that he could see everything from far far away. I think Usopp will be even cooler than what he is today but thinks like this I want to hear from you. Please share, and I hope you like to participate on this funny discussion.

So, I hope to hear from you guys.