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Megahouse POP Mild Rebecca and Mr. Soldier Video Review

What a good video to end the year. This to characters are super important on the Dressrosa arch and if you know the full story of them you will get happy or maybe sad or get angry to see all the things that they had to endure.

But well, I finally finish reviewing these pair and I had a lot of fun. I think sometimes I sound like a stupid but I really had fun.

So, let me know if you like the video or if I should be more like normal and to normal reviews.

I’m in the process of finishing the videos of Rebecca POP and Fujitora POP because you requested those two figures. So, just be patient and I will finish those in a couple of days.

Even if I don’t post anything I will be working to get the videos ready, so enjoy the end of the year.

I hope you have a wonderful Happy New Year and I hope all your wishes come true.

Let’s make this new year a more memorable one

Enjoy the video


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Figuarts Zero Nico Robin Dressrosa Version

Ok guys, here is the 1st vide review.

I just finish this video of the Figuarts Zero figure of Nico Robin. I have to say that I had my doubts on this figure but once I got her I was very very happy with my Robin Figure.

I hope you like the video and as always any advice or comments will be helpful.


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Video Reviews coming soon…..

I’m finishing a couple of video reviews. Figuarts Zero Nico Robin (Dressrosa) and Megahouse POP Mild (Rebecca and Mr. Soldier) so stay tuned. Which video should I do next? Vote: Trafalgar Law Dressrosa, Chopper Militar, Fujitora or Rebecca POP?

I will create a poll as well


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Banpresto Colosseum Contest IV (Portgas D. Ace) Part 5

Let’s continue with the figure of Portgas D. Ace.

The Sculptor of this figure is Satoshi Suzuki and here are some behind the scenes of the figure.

ace_behind1 ace_behind2 ace_behind3 ace_behind4 ace_behind5 ace_behind6

Here are the traditional questions made to the Sculptor.

1) Motives of becoming a Sculptor?

a: I did my first figure when i was 16 and since then I got hooked into creating figures.

2) Reason why you decided to create an Ace figure?

a: I saw al the other model made by other sculptors and I decided to make a better Ace than the rest.

3) Difficulty in making the figure and feelings while making the figure?

a: The fact that I wanted to make a different pose of Ace that was challenging. Also, the feeling of knowing that Ace is not alive is different when making the figure, because you want to make a figure that people will see and remember how Ace was.

4) Scene used on the figure?

a: I got the scene when Ace destroyed like 18 navy ships.

Now enjoy the painted figure of Portgas D. Ace.

ace_done1 ace_done2 ace_done3 ace_done4 ace_done5 ace_done6


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Banpresto Colosseum Contest IV (Eustass Kid) Part 4

Let’s continue with the rest of the figures from the Banpresto Colosseum IV contest.

Now, let me show you the figure of Eustass Kid. The creator of this figure is Sculptor Saito Heel and here are some pictures of the behind the scenes of the creating of it.

kid_behind1 kid_behind2 kid_behind3 kid_behind4 kid_behind5 kid_behind6

I know all the Eustass Kid lovers will be loving this figure as well as the new upcoming Megahouse POP.

Here as usual the interview to the Sculptor.

1) How did you became a Sculptor?

a: I was just lucky that I found a person that introduced me to this market and after working with figures for a little time, I realized that it was something that I loved

2) Why did you pick Kid?

a: I have a tendency to like Evil characters so that is why I decided to create a Kid figure.

3) Feelings after finishing the figure?

a: Well I feel pretty good with myself once I finish it but then after I saw it finished I wanted to create another one.

4) Problem when making the figure?

a: The main problem was the dimensions and weight of the figure and more on the weight because as you know Kid has to have big weapons as arms, so that was the main concern.

5) From where did you got the scene of the figure?

a: From the scene where Kid is talking with Apu and Hawkins about their own Alliance.

Now, here are the picture of the painted Kid figure. I hope you like it and hope you will get them in the future.


kid_done1 kid_done2 kid_done3 kid_done4 kid_done5 kid_done6

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Jump Festa 2015 Part 5 – Figuarts Zero One Piece figures

Here another collection that I’m not sure if they already released. Because it really seems familiar but it might be a new one.

Its the For the New World Figuarts Zero of the Mugiwara Pirates. These figures like I said before are awesome for those people that want a One Piece figure but don’t want to spend more than 50 dollars on a figure.

Enjoy the pictures.

figuarts_5th_anniversary_1 figuarts_5th_anniversary_1_brook figuarts_5th_anniversary_1_chopper figuarts_5th_anniversary_1_franky figuarts_5th_anniversary_1_luffy figuarts_5th_anniversary_1_nami figuarts_5th_anniversary_1_robin figuarts_5th_anniversary_1_sanji figuarts_5th_anniversary_1_usopp figuarts_5th_anniversary_1_zoro

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Jump Festa Part 4 – (Sabo figures)

Like I was saying, a lot of companies are releasing a lot of Sabo figures. So, I decided to show you some pictures of all the different figures of Sabo.

Sometimes I will get confused to distinguish on which one is which but maybe you have a better eye than me and you can differentiate between all of them.

So, here are the pictures. Enjoy.

Master Star Piece Sabo

master_piece_sabo_1 master_piece_sabo_2

Sabo and Lucy


Sabo Colosseum (Banpresto)

sabo_colosseum_1 sabo_colosseum_2

Figuarts Zero Sabo and Koala