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Megahouse POP Rebecca Video Review

I finally got it YES.

Finally finish uploading the Rebecca Video. Sorry it took me a while but I noticed that my previous videos were in 360P so this time I tried to create a 1080P video. Please let me know if this video looks way better than the other ones. I hope it looks good. I’m also asking you because I have been checking and checking but I think you are the ones that can maybe tell me if the video looks better or not.

Hope to hear your comments and hope you like this awesome figure.



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Megahouse POP Killer and Eustass Kid pre-orders for February

I have good news for you guys. It seems that Kid and Killer will be the 2nd pre-orders you are going to make for this year.

These two figures look way way better than the previous ones, so what do you think about this new figures.

Do you think they are better than the fist ones or not?

Enjoy the pictures

pop_sa_kid1 pop_sa_kid3 pop_sa_killer1 pop_sa_killer5

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Megahouse CB Coming Soon (CB-R2 and CB-EX)

Hi Guys,

Megahouse just announced that they are ready to open pre-orders for the following figures.

CB Nami, CB Zoro, CB Nojiko and CB Brook. Save this date January 16th so you can pre-order these beautiful figures.

Yes you heard it right CB Nami, that super limited figures that is always around 80-100 dollars now will cost around 25-30 dollars. Pretty sweet for those who didn’t have her like me.

So, here are some pictures of these figures so you can take a look at them.

By the way the name of this series is CB-R2 and the one for Brook is CB-EX. I need to find out why so once I do I will let you know.

The only thing I don’t know is why 4 figures. It was fine with 3 but Megahouse why 4 (sad face).

Enjoy the pictures.

nojiko_cbr2 nami_cbr2 zoro_cbr2 brook_cbex

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Megahouse POP Fujitora Video Review

I know I know that this figure didn’t win but when I started the poll it was winning so I decided to do the review.

Don’t worry I also finished the Rebecca review which I’m about to finish editing. I hope you guys like the review of Fujitora and hope you keep watching my videos.

Let me know if you want to see an old one so I can post it here also.