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Megahouse POP CB-R3 Franky Vivi and Usopp Coming also

Yes you read it correctly. Vivi, Usopp and Franky are coming also for this next pre-orders.

I know what you think. March 5th for Zoro, and then Vivi, Usopp and Franky are you crazy. Well don’t blame me.

Blame Megahouse for putting all of these figures up for pre-oders. Well if you get the 3 littles ones at least that will be around 120 dollars with shipping and I will say another 120 for Zoro probably. If you already have the 3 CBs well no worries but if you don’t prepare your wallet. I need to prepare mine hehehehehe.

Well here’s the picture of the CB-R3.

Are you getting them. I put a poll also so you can answer which figures you are getting for this upcoming weeks.

Enjoy the picture



Poll (Which figures are you getting)?


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Megahouse POP Roronoa Zoro 10th Limited Version Coming Soon

Boy oh Boy!

When I thought that my 1st pre-order was going to be BonClay I got a better surprise.

Zoro 10th Limited edition will open this next March 5th and man he is not coming alone. In a minute I will post another pre-orders that will be open on March 5th (Thursday).

Enjoy the pictures of Zoro.

wf_zoro2 wf_zoro3 wf_zoro1

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Nami Mugiwara Ver 2 More Photos Guys

Hello guys,

Here are some awesome pictures of the new Nami Mugiwara Ver 2. Also, many many thanks for MaruRan blog for posting these amazing figures.

Hope you like them and as soon as I have her in my hand, you know pictures and video review.

Also they show a couple of figures with both Namis, so which one you like more guys?


nami_mugiwara_ver2_10 nami_mugiwara_ver2_11 nami_mugiwara_ver2_12 nami_mugiwara_ver2_13 nami_mugiwara_ver2_14 nami_mugiwara_ver2_15 nami_mugiwara_ver2_16 nami_mugiwara_ver2_17 nami_mugiwara_ver2_18 nami_mugiwara_ver2_19 nami_mugiwara_ver2_20 nami_mugiwara_ver2_21 nami_mugiwara_ver2_22 nami_mugiwara_ver2_23

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Mark your Calendars for March 13th Megahouse POP Bon-Chan for pre-orders


Good news there is a new upcoming figure for us. Do you like BonChan or BonClay whatever you want to call him.

He will be up for pre-orders this next March 13th. Since he is a Limited Edition figure then you know the drill.

He won’t be available at amiami or hobby but as soon as I know the website that put him for pre-order I will put it here as always.

So just wait a little bit and your wish should be granted hehe.

Enjoy the pic of BonClay


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Video Ready here’s POP DX of Portgas D Ace 10th Limited Ver

Here’s the Video review guys. Let me know if you think my videos are getting to long to see 😦

I actually like to do a detail review on this figure so you can enjoy them more than just looking at it for 2 minutes.

Enjoy my review and please answer the poll to see if my videos are ok or if the last to long.


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Roronoa Zoro Banpresto Creator X Creator Figure

Hi guys,

I’m not sure if you remember that I show you a picture of this awesome upcoming Zoro by Banpresto and if I’m not mistaken the series it’s called Creator X Creator or if could be also a 2nd brand. But man whoever is doing this figure has done an amazing job.

Big in Japan released the figure in color and black but the combo of the color and black when away super fast.

Here’s the link to get the color one. I hope you like it and pre-order it. I think is worth it if you are a Zoro fan.

Big in Japan