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Megahouse POP Film Z Nami??????


It seems that we could finally see some good figure coming our way again.

It seems that we are going to see a prototype of Nami Film Z figure. Which version we are going to see, I guess we need to wait until probably the next festival.

I wish it was the bathing suit version but checking the other figures and based on the news from a few hours ago its seems that its a B.B Version which it lets me think is the one with the soldier helmet.

So what you guys think, are you happy?

Enjoy these two pictures of Nami form the Film Z movie

nami_filmz_1 nami_filmz_2


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Whooooop Whooooop Going to be reviewing this baby soon

Hi guys,

Just wanted to share that I will be getting the King of Artist Monkey D Luffy Colored figure.

So now I will be able to do 2 videos. One for the normal version and the colored one.


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New Figuarts Zero of Ace 5th Anniversary if Figuarts Zero

Here’s an interesting figure for those Ace fans. A 5th anniversary figure of Portgas D Ace.

I hope you like it. It seems that this figure will be released on September and it will have a price of approximately 4320 yens.

It seems that this figure will have an extra arm which I think its new for a figuarts zero figure. So, let me know what you guys think.


ace5th_1 ace5th_2 ace5th_3 ace5th_4 ace5th_5 ace5th_6

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Scultures BIG Series (Zoro, Nami, Luffy) Get them now

Hi guys,

If you want to get the Banpresto Scultures BIG Series of Zoro, Nami and Luffy now is your chance to get them.

Here are the pictures of the figures I’m talking about and the link where to get it.

It is a pretty good deal 1590 yens for the figures man that is a steal because the scultures big figures are really nice.

Nami (1590 yens + shipping)


Zoro (1590 yens + shipping)


Luffy (1590 yens + shipping)


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Banpresto Showcase Season 3 Vol 1

Hi guys,

You want to get the Showcase Season 3 Vol 1, then here’s your chance.

Here are the links where you can get all of them. A little price for my test but I have to show you when I see important figures which represent memorable moments form One Piece

So here are the links.


Zoro and Nami (4800 yens + shipping)

Luffy and SogeKing (Usopp) 4800 yens + shipping

Sanji and Chopper (4800 yens + shipping)

Robin and Luffy (4800 yens + shipping)