Page dedicated to the OnePiece POP figures and other figures.

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Ichiban Kuji of Trafalgar Law and Corazon

Here are some interesting figures of Law and Corazon.

Right now I have only see them on Nippon-yasan but I have a question for you guys. Do you think they are super pricy?

What do you think, do you want to get them or you will pass. I want to get them but I will have to pass unfortunately 😦

Here are some pictures and the links for each figure.

Trafalgar Law (White suit – 12,000 yens + shipping)

Trafalgar Law (Black suit – 6,800 yens + shipping)

Corazon (12,000 yens + shipping)

I forgot to mention that these figures are from the Ichiban Kuji (History of Law) series.


law_white_kuji4 law_white_kuji3 law_white_kuji2 law_white_kuji1 law_black_kuji4 law_black_kuji3 law_black_kuji2 law_black_kuji1 corazon_kuji5 corazon_kuji4 corazon_kuji3 corazon_kuji2 corazon_kuji1


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Mihawk Sword Thanks Luis Murillo

Hey guy,

I was going to share this video long time ago but I totally forgot.

Many many thanks to Luis Murillo for sharing this awesome video with me.

I hope you enjoy it. These guys are awesome they will literally made the most voted sword that you guys decide.

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Lets Congratulate Eiichiro Oda for getting into the Guinness Records

I just saw that Eiichiro Oda just got introduced into the Guinness Record for copies printed by a single author.

So Congrats Eiichiro and thanks for this lovely and awesome anime/manga that you bring us every week.

Keep the good work 🙂 and lets find that ONE PIECE

If you want to know how many copies they have printed since end of December. They have printed 320,866,000 on over 30+ countried. That is amazing.

So kanpaiiiiii 😀

kanpai1 congrats1

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New info on Megahouse POP Corazon and Law

Hi guys just to let you know something interesting on these two characters.

It seems that these figure will be combine into one box and they will be under the MAS POP collection.

So you know what this mean. It will be probably expensive. As soon as I see more information on these two awesome figures I will let you know


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Where to get the Megahouse POP of Nami Film Z Ver BB

Guys here are all the links where you can get this awesome Nami Film Z ver BB figure.

Kolektakon ( 79.95 dollars + shipping)

Big in Japan (9300 yens + shipping)

Nippon Yasan (8980 yens + shipping)

Animarket (75 dollars + shipping)

You decide which one you want to get.

If you want my opinion, I will go for either BigInJapan or Nippon-Yaman.




Creator x Creator Roronoa Zoro (ready for this bad boy)

Hi guy,

Here are some pictures of the upcoming figures of Roronoa Zoro from the company Creator x Creator.

Man this its an awesome set of figures. I could only pre-order the normal figure but I hopw I can find them for sale so I can give you guys the link.

Here are some pictures.

creator_zoro1 creator_zoro2 creator_zoro3 creator_zoro4 creator_zoro5 creator_zoro6 creator_zoro7 creator_zoro8 creator_zoro9 creator_zoro10 creator_zoro11 creator_zoro12 creator_zoro13 creator_zoro14 creator_zoro15 creator_zoro16 creator_zoro17 creator_zoro18 creator_zoro19 creator_zoro20 creator_zoro21 creator_zoro22 creator_zoro23 creator_zoro24