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Variable Action Heroes Sabo Up for Pre-orders


Don’t wait any longer, now you can pre-order the new Variable Action Heroes of Sabo.

Here are a couple of pictures and the links where you can get him from. I started the links with the most cheap place to get it from.


Amiami (7250 yens + shipping)

Big In Japan (7480 yens + shipping)

Nippon-Yasan (7520 yens + shipping)

Hobby Search (7650 yens + shipping)

Kolektakon (79.99 + shipping)


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DXF Brotherhood Lufy, Ace and Sabo

If you want to get these amazing figures, wait no more. Below you can see the links for all of them and the best thing is that they are not price they are around 25-28 dollars + shipping.

brotherhood1 brotherhoodace brotherhoodluffy brotherhoodsabo