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Question? Need Help

As you might now, I have stopped posting news about one piece figures. I really apologize but I have been very very busy and I haven’t got the chance of actually posting anything.

This blog actually started as a dream and at the beginning was slow but it has been pretty good lately. Unfortunately its a lot for me on my complicated life (work, life, hobbies).

So I need to propose something for you guys. Who will be willing to help me with my page?

The main duties of this person will be to just save possible posts and then I will review them and see if they are worth it to post as well as finding good news about them and I could also review them. My post will right away go to facebook so you don’t have to worry about that. So, please let me know who will be willing to help me out. Thanks.



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Pre Order Megahouse Nico Robin Ver BB now

Hello guy,

Here are the links where you can get this amazing figure.

Big in Japan (9500 yens + shipping)

Nippon-yasan (9280 yens + shippping)

Kolektakon (89 dollars + shipping)

Here are some pictures of this amazing figure. I already pre-order it 😀

robin_bb1 robin_bb2 robin_bb3 robin_bb4 robin_bb5 robin_bb6 robin_bb7 robin_bb8 robin_bb9 robin_bbbox