Page dedicated to the OnePiece POP figures and other figures.

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Looking for Figures

Looking for these figures and specially are you from the US?

  1. POP Shanks Sailing Again
  2. POP Kizaru
  3. POP Whitebeard Young Version
  4. Eustass Kid and Killer (1st version)
  5. POP BB version of Hancock
  6. POP BB version of Nami
  7. Trafalgar Law Ver 2
  8. POP VIVI (original and new)
  9. POP Violet
  10. POP Chopper Leopard version
  11. POP Sadi-chan
  12. POP Luffy JF Special
  13. POP Bepo
  14. POP Ace 10th anniversary edition

Then send me a message here or to facebook so I can help you get it