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Nice figures to pre-order

Here are some figures that you might want to pre-order.

One Piece King of Artist (Portgas D Ace) 1990 yens + shipping


If you loved the Kinf of Artist of Monkey D Luffy, then you must get this and for that price is a no brainer.

One Piece DFX (DoFlamingo and Corazon) 2990 yens + shipping


Here a lovely set if you like them both, you can also get DoFlamingo alone if you don’t want the Corazon figure but I recommend getting both because of the price.

One Piece Scultures Sanji – Normal version and set of 2 (normal and black figure)

Normal version is 1590 yens + shipping and the set of 2 is 2990 yens + shipping. If you ask me I rather by the set.

Normal Sanji Link


Here’s the link for the set of 2



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DXF Brotherhood Lufy, Ace and Sabo

If you want to get these amazing figures, wait no more. Below you can see the links for all of them and the best thing is that they are not price they are around 25-28 dollars + shipping.

brotherhood1 brotherhoodace brotherhoodluffy brotherhoodsabo




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Figuarts Zero 5th Anniversary Preorder

Hello guys,

A quick news on this new Figuarts Zero of Portgas D Ace. If you love Ace you have to get this figure.

Here are the link where you can get this awesome figure. The release date of this figure its on September.


Amiami (2990 yens + shipping)

Hobby Search (3400 yens + shipping)

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Megahouse Variable Action Heroes of Ace (Official Pictures)

Hi guys,

Here are the official pictures of this awesome new figure of Portgas D Ace. As you might know already, Megahouse has released a new version or new collection called Variable Action Heroes.

I’m going to say that this collection its more like an articulated collection, since you can move the figure on all the different poses that you like.

So here are the pictures of Ace, I hope you like them. Also, let me know if yo already have one of this figures and if you like it.

ace_variable_9 ace_variable_8 ace_variable_7 ace_variable_6 ace_variable_5 ace_variable_4 ace_variable_3 ace_variable_2 ace_variable_1 ace_variable_box

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Video Ready here’s POP DX of Portgas D Ace 10th Limited Ver

Here’s the Video review guys. Let me know if you think my videos are getting to long to see 😦

I actually like to do a detail review on this figure so you can enjoy them more than just looking at it for 2 minutes.

Enjoy my review and please answer the poll to see if my videos are ok or if the last to long.


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Banpresto Colosseum Contest IV (Portgas D. Ace) Part 5

Let’s continue with the figure of Portgas D. Ace.

The Sculptor of this figure is Satoshi Suzuki and here are some behind the scenes of the figure.

ace_behind1 ace_behind2 ace_behind3 ace_behind4 ace_behind5 ace_behind6

Here are the traditional questions made to the Sculptor.

1) Motives of becoming a Sculptor?

a: I did my first figure when i was 16 and since then I got hooked into creating figures.

2) Reason why you decided to create an Ace figure?

a: I saw al the other model made by other sculptors and I decided to make a better Ace than the rest.

3) Difficulty in making the figure and feelings while making the figure?

a: The fact that I wanted to make a different pose of Ace that was challenging. Also, the feeling of knowing that Ace is not alive is different when making the figure, because you want to make a figure that people will see and remember how Ace was.

4) Scene used on the figure?

a: I got the scene when Ace destroyed like 18 navy ships.

Now enjoy the painted figure of Portgas D. Ace.

ace_done1 ace_done2 ace_done3 ace_done4 ace_done5 ace_done6