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Megahouse POP of Chopper (I will call it the Watermelon Chopper)

Hi guys,

Its so funny that we used to see the chopper man on multiple colors and after a while and after seeing like pretty much 20 colors we were thinking now they finally stopped.

Well they might stop the Choppermans but now they find the Chopper Sailing again as the new choppermans oh yea this for them its a way of making more money thru chopper figures. Some will love the new Chopper Sailing again figure, some will hate them. I guess the true collector of the whole collection will hate it but it is what it is.

Well, let me show you the new Chopper Sailing again and if you want to get it right now and you have lots of money then you can spend 9500 yens + shipping at nippon-yassan. This figure is a limited edition from the megahouse festival of this summer 2015. This festival will start this next August 30th.

Here is the link from nippon-yassan and some pictures of this figure. Will you get watermelon chopper. I will but not for 9500 yens that is ridiculous.

chopper_watermelon1chopperwatermelon2 chopperwatermelon3 chopperwatermelon4 chopperwatermelon5 chopperwatermelon6


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I wasn’t expecting this Megahouse POP Chopper Leopard Ver

Here’s an interesting figure that I just saw.

I’m don’t know more information on it. The only thing I know is that kolektakon is selling it.

What do you guys think. Do you think is a must buy? Please comment here or on facebook

Here’s a picture.


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Grandlinemen 15th edition Vol 4 Chopper

Here are some pictures of the new Grandlinemen 15th edition Vol 4 of Chopper.

This chopper looks great. I really hope other companies can make figures like this one and stop making repetitive figures.

Let me know what do you think about this Grandlinemen Chopper figure.

grandlinemen_chopper1 grandlinemen15_chopper2 grandlinemen15_chopper3 grandlinemen15_chopper4

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Scultures Tony Tony Chopper (Pre-order open)

You want the new Scultures figure of Tony Tony Chopper?

Well don’t waste your time he is available for pre-order now at nippon yassan.

Here’s the link so you can get him.

He has a price of 2250 yens + shipping (which it won’t be a lot).

Here’s a pictures so you can see which Chopper figure I’m talking about.



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Camo Militar Chopper ??? Whaaaat

I can expect another color of the Crimin figure, another color for Chopper man but a Camo-Military Chopper?

Hahahaha I just laugh a lot when I saw this image. Apparently this will be a new figure of Chopper.

What do you guys think? Is it worth it, maybe you can use Chopper now with you army figures hahahaha.

Hahahahahahah most funny is that is a Sailing Again version Whaaaaaat đŸ˜›


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Megahouse POP Chopper Asia Tour Limited (Video Review)

Here it is, the video review of Tony Tony Chopper Asia Tour Limited edition from Megahouse.

In case you didn’t got this awesome figure, here’s the opportunity to look at it.

I also compare this version with the original Crimin. So might like the Crimin Version and some the Asia Tour.

The reality is that both figures are very well done and they are two must figures if you like Chopper.

I got both figures but I always wonder when I got this Asia Tour. Could these figures become the new Choppermans ?

I let you decide on that, for now Enjoy the video review and let me know which one you prefer.

By the way, the Spanish Video Review will be coming in a few minutes.