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Megahouse POP of Chopper (I will call it the Watermelon Chopper)

Hi guys,

Its so funny that we used to see the chopper man on multiple colors and after a while and after seeing like pretty much 20 colors we were thinking now they finally stopped.

Well they might stop the Choppermans but now they find the Chopper Sailing again as the new choppermans oh yea this for them its a way of making more money thru chopper figures. Some will love the new Chopper Sailing again figure, some will hate them. I guess the true collector of the whole collection will hate it but it is what it is.

Well, let me show you the new Chopper Sailing again and if you want to get it right now and you have lots of money then you can spend 9500 yens + shipping at nippon-yassan. This figure is a limited edition from the megahouse festival of this summer 2015. This festival will start this next August 30th.

Here is the link from nippon-yassan and some pictures of this figure. Will you get watermelon chopper. I will but not for 9500 yens that is ridiculous.

chopper_watermelon1chopperwatermelon2 chopperwatermelon3 chopperwatermelon4 chopperwatermelon5 chopperwatermelon6


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Megahouse Chopperman Green Pastel Box and figure picture

Here’s a picture that I found that shows the box and Green Pastel Chopperman.

I hope you like it

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 10.31.31 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 10.32.40 PM

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Oh my God no :( More Choppermans Who wants more (Purple, blue and green)?

I waited a little bit, since I knew there were going to be more than one Chopperman being released.

So here’s what I got so far. First there is this new Purple Chopperman (Released July 5th,2014)


This new Chopperman is an exclusive of the following park (New Reoma World WaterPark Adventure) in Japan. The price of this figure will be 2500 yens and if you like to see the url of the park here it is. It is horrible for those who actually collect the Choppermans that this one will be hard to get.

Chopper man Orange (Pastel Color – Released July 5th, 2014)


This other Chopperman is another exclusive. It is an exclusive of the Huistenbosch park. It has a cost of 2500 yens the same as the purple one. for those who want to see more information on the figure, here’s the link to the park.


Chopperman Pastel Green


This figure is also another exclusive of another park. This time is the Nasu Highland Park. It also has a price of 2500 yens but this one will be released on July 12th,2014. It seems that all these choppermans will also include taxes after the 2500 yens regular price.

Here’s the link for the Nasu park.

Final comments, well what can I say. It seems that every year as long as there are colors in the rainbow. Theme parks or businesses in Japan are going to keep releasing Choppermans.

For those who want to collect them, pelase check all the japan sites like big in japan, nippon-yasan, auction yahoo japan or mandarake. Don’t go right away with proxy services. Because like I was telling you in the past they are super expensive and you will end up paying 3 or 4 times the value of the figure. So, in other words is not worth it. If you wait you can get them later oh believe me.

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Oh no another Chopperman Will they end up doing them?

It seems that there is no ending of these Chopperman figures. I don’t know what you guys think but I’m kind of tired to see these figures. But it seems that until they use all the colors from the rainbow then they will stop creating them 😛

Here’s a picture of the new one but I need your help on this one. I really think they already released a pink chopperman before. Am I right or this is the 1st time?


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One Piece Mug (Mugiwara Store)

I love this mug that the mugiwara store from Japan has.

I really hope you could shop from this store online but it seems that you can unless you have a proxy service guy.

Hope you like the mug like I do.


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Rebecca figure. Wish they can make a POP of her

Found this online. It’s a figure of Rebecca the gladiator.

I hope in the future Megahouse, Figuartz or other company makes a figure of this character.

For us collectors it will be a great addition to our collection.

Enjoy the image


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Megahouse One Piece POP Shiki Strong World (MAXIMUM)

Thanks to thegrandlineshop for the great pictures of this amazing figure.

This time we have some pictures of Shiki from the One Piece Strong World movie.

For those who don’t know who Shiki is, here’s a brief summary of this character.

Shiki The Golden Lion.

Shiki is the captain of the Golden Lion Pirates and he was a big time pirate during Gold D. Roger and Luffy’s grandpa Garp. Shiki is also the big bad boss from the One Piece Strong World Movie.

He ate the Fuwa Fuwa no mi. So in other words or easy words to explain, he ate a devil fruit that allows him to levitate everything that he touches.

There is a weird characteristic about this pirate. He doesn’t have any legs. Because he cut his legs so he could be able to escape the Great Prison of Impel down and he uses his own swords as legs.

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