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Nice figures to pre-order

Here are some figures that you might want to pre-order.

One Piece King of Artist (Portgas D Ace) 1990 yens + shipping


If you loved the Kinf of Artist of Monkey D Luffy, then you must get this and for that price is a no brainer.

One Piece DFX (DoFlamingo and Corazon) 2990 yens + shipping


Here a lovely set if you like them both, you can also get DoFlamingo alone if you don’t want the Corazon figure but I recommend getting both because of the price.

One Piece Scultures Sanji – Normal version and set of 2 (normal and black figure)

Normal version is 1590 yens + shipping and the set of 2 is 2990 yens + shipping. If you ask me I rather by the set.

Normal Sanji Link


Here’s the link for the set of 2



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New The Grandlinemen Figures for Pre-orders Law and DoFlamingo

Here are a couple of new figure that you might be interested in getting.

You know all the hype for dressrosa figures so I guess everybody has decided to make some more and of course I’m talking about the most wanted figure now at days Trafalgar Law and the most hated villain at the moment DoFlamingo.

Trafalgar and DoFlamingo seem to have clothing like the 15th anniversary of the main characters. I’m just wondering if others series or companies are going to make the 15th anniversary figures. For example, if Megahouse starts making these figures for me personally I think this is too much now but well you never know. I guess we have to wait.

Enjoy the pictures and check the links

Trafalgar Law (1590 yens + shipping)

DoFlamingo (1590 yens + shipping)

doflamingo1 trafalgar

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Figuarts Zero DoFlamingo up for pre-orders


They just open pre-orders from this figuarts figure at biginjapan and thegrandlineshop.

I will put you the links here so you can decided where to get him from.

TheGrandLineShop (54 dllrs + shipping)

BiginJapan (6400 yens + shipping)

Not sure if they will keep rising the figuarts figures. I really hope not because they were good when they started at 20-40 dollars.

Here are some pictures of DoFlamingo

fg_doflamingo2 fg_doflamingo1

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Figuarts Zero DoFlamingo (Coming Soon)

Just when I thought I wouldn’t see news related to the Figuarts Zero lineup I saw this.

Get excited people because the Figuarts Zero is coming with 3 new figures.

Here’s the first one: DoFlamingo

I’m pretty sure this figure will be the 1st one to come since the release date shows a date of July 25th, 2014 or maybe is a pre-order date.

This figure will have a height of about 19.5 cm and the price hasn’t been released yet.

As soon as I have places where to buy it or more information I will let you know as always.


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Figuarts Zero Artist Special Shanks and Doflamingo (Up for pre-orders)


Here are some other types of figures. I think this animal figures are really great but unfortunately I don’t have one to review.

This time Biginjap has put for pre-orders this following figures (Shanks and Doflamingo) they look awesome.

So here are the two links if you are interested in them and some pictures.

Shanks (4900 yens + shipping)

DoFlamingo (6200 yens + shipping)

Note: Don’t hesitate to get them, because these figures after the release date they could go easily for more than 120 dollars.


animal_doflamingo1 animal_doflamingo2 animal_doflamingo3 animal_shanks1 animal_shanks2 animal_shanks3

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Bandai Donquixote Doflamingo One Piece Styling

Here’s a picture of the upcoming DoFlamingo (Candy Toy). The release date of this figure will be this next November 2013. You can still pre-order this figure at hobby search (1500 ¥) and Amiami (1220 ¥).