Page dedicated to the OnePiece POP figures and other figures.

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Ichiban Kuji of Trafalgar Law and Corazon

Here are some interesting figures of Law and Corazon.

Right now I have only see them on Nippon-yasan but I have a question for you guys. Do you think they are super pricy?

What do you think, do you want to get them or you will pass. I want to get them but I will have to pass unfortunately 😦

Here are some pictures and the links for each figure.

Trafalgar Law (White suit – 12,000 yens + shipping)

Trafalgar Law (Black suit – 6,800 yens + shipping)

Corazon (12,000 yens + shipping)

I forgot to mention that these figures are from the Ichiban Kuji (History of Law) series.


law_white_kuji4 law_white_kuji3 law_white_kuji2 law_white_kuji1 law_black_kuji4 law_black_kuji3 law_black_kuji2 law_black_kuji1 corazon_kuji5 corazon_kuji4 corazon_kuji3 corazon_kuji2 corazon_kuji1


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Ichiban Kuji Zoro Special Color Video Review Ready


Ok here’s the video review of this amazing Zoro figure. I hope you like it.


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Ichiban Kuji Zoro Special Ver (Video Review) Coming soon

Hello guys,

Sorry for this past big delay on news. I got really busy and I couldn’t post anything while I was gone.

I’m glad to let you know that I have completed 5 video reviews and I will be posting them soon.

Wait a little bit and I will post the video review of the Ichiban Kuji Zoro Special color version.

Here’s a picture so you can see which Figure I’m talking about.

So keep checking our page so you can check our video.


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Jump Festa (Banpresto) Part 1

Hello guys,

I forgot to include these last post of the Jump Festa festival, so lets just show you the different pictures.

Sorry if I waited a little bit but I wanted to show you most of the figures that the showed.

Let’s start with the Ichiban Kuji figures of Law, Eustass Kid and Killer.

If you recall my previous post I show you the figures for the Grandline men of Law, Kid and Killer.

Well these figures are pretty similar but personally I think these Ichiban Kuji are way better.

Be my guest and judge for yourself. Here are the pictures.



Note: I like how they put more detail on these figures. Specially the Kid figure. 

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One Piece Mug (Mugiwara Store)

I love this mug that the mugiwara store from Japan has.

I really hope you could shop from this store online but it seems that you can unless you have a proxy service guy.

Hope you like the mug like I do.


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Rebecca figure. Wish they can make a POP of her

Found this online. It’s a figure of Rebecca the gladiator.

I hope in the future Megahouse, Figuartz or other company makes a figure of this character.

For us collectors it will be a great addition to our collection.

Enjoy the image


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Megahouse One Piece POP Shiki Strong World (MAXIMUM)

Thanks to thegrandlineshop for the great pictures of this amazing figure.

This time we have some pictures of Shiki from the One Piece Strong World movie.

For those who don’t know who Shiki is, here’s a brief summary of this character.

Shiki The Golden Lion.

Shiki is the captain of the Golden Lion Pirates and he was a big time pirate during Gold D. Roger and Luffy’s grandpa Garp. Shiki is also the big bad boss from the One Piece Strong World Movie.

He ate the Fuwa Fuwa no mi. So in other words or easy words to explain, he ate a devil fruit that allows him to levitate everything that he touches.

There is a weird characteristic about this pirate. He doesn’t have any legs. Because he cut his legs so he could be able to escape the Great Prison of Impel down and he uses his own swords as legs.

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