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Mega Hobby Spring Expo 2015 Lots of Nami Film Z Pictures

It seems that the night was of Nami because a lot of people have pictures of her.

Here are most of the pictures that you can find of her.

Enjoy them

nami_filmz_v1 nami_filmz_v2 nami_filmz_v3 nami_filmz_v4 nami_filmz_v5 nami_filmz_v6 nami_filmz_v7 nami_filmz_v8 nami_filmz_v9 nami_filmz_v10


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Get ready for the upcoming Spring Megahobby EXPO

Guys we are almost 2 weeks away from the new Megahobby EXPO.

So here we have the question once again. What do you want to see on this new expo.

For sure we know we will have a prepainted Nami Film Z figure, so what will be also getting.

Here’s what people are wanting: People want a Buggy The Clown, Vergo, New DoFlamingo, re-issue of Bartolomeo will be nice, Cesar Clown, Corazon, (Any bad guy from DoFlamingo cre – my bet its that we will see a Baby 5).

This is what I will truly believe it will hapen (Oh by the way Lao G sucks – most horrible character on the series).

I think we will see Nami Film Z and maybe Usopp film Z. I think they will make a new DoFlamingo because he is hot as hell right now. Also, I’m crossing my fingers to see a new figure like Smoker or a new Robin from Dressrosa so don’t be surprised that we see a Camo (Luffy, Zoro or Kin’emon). Please megahouse comeback big with the rookies, we really want to see more rookies in your collections.

But well I said enough, you let me know what do you really want to see.

So, Please comment and let me know which figure you want to see.