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Megahouse POP Tony Tony Chopper MAS Delayed to March


I have important news for you. The POP MAS of Chopper (Horn Point Version) has been delayed.

Megahouse has just released a notices that they are very sorry but that the Chopper figure which was expected to be released for this next February will be delayed to March.


I’m really sorry to see this figure being delayed, but it was expected. The increment of figures released per month by Megahouse nowadays it seems that is finally giving them problems.

Could it be also that they want to give more days to customers to get these figures? Who knows but I really wish they could release one figure instead of two or three at the same time.

Let me know what you guys think about this new from Megahouse. Are you happy, angry. Let me know.


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Megahouse One Piece MAS Marco the Phoenix (Preorder Feb 5th)

Right after we were thinking that Kaku was going to be our 1st pre-order of the year. Megahouse hits us with the real first pre-order of the year.

Marco The Phoenix


If I’m not mistaken, this is the 3rd figure from the MAS collection. If you don’t know, this M.A.S Megahouse collection is also know as the Motion Ability Statue, but for know I really think is more of an animal collection than a Motion collection. The first figure of this MAS is the Rob Lucci figure. By the way, I will be uploading a video review on that figure pretty soon.

So let’s talk the serious facts now. The pre-order date will be Feb 5th at 18:00 (Japan Time). There is still no price but if I think it will be around 65-75 dollars.

Once we know more details we will post them here.

So keep checking our blog or Facebook guys for updates.

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One Piece Mug (Mugiwara Store)

I love this mug that the mugiwara store from Japan has.

I really hope you could shop from this store online but it seems that you can unless you have a proxy service guy.

Hope you like the mug like I do.


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Rebecca figure. Wish they can make a POP of her

Found this online. It’s a figure of Rebecca the gladiator.

I hope in the future Megahouse, Figuartz or other company makes a figure of this character.

For us collectors it will be a great addition to our collection.

Enjoy the image


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Megahouse One Piece POP Shiki Strong World (MAXIMUM)

Thanks to thegrandlineshop for the great pictures of this amazing figure.

This time we have some pictures of Shiki from the One Piece Strong World movie.

For those who don’t know who Shiki is, here’s a brief summary of this character.

Shiki The Golden Lion.

Shiki is the captain of the Golden Lion Pirates and he was a big time pirate during Gold D. Roger and Luffy’s grandpa Garp. Shiki is also the big bad boss from the One Piece Strong World Movie.

He ate the Fuwa Fuwa no mi. So in other words or easy words to explain, he ate a devil fruit that allows him to levitate everything that he touches.

There is a weird characteristic about this pirate. He doesn’t have any legs. Because he cut his legs so he could be able to escape the Great Prison of Impel down and he uses his own swords as legs.

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1000pcs One Piece Jigsaws

Found these Jigsaws and I wanted to share them with you guys.

I don’t really own a Jigsaw form One Piece but I will like to have one of these ones. Specially these ones since their 1000 pieces puzzles. Who didn’t love a jigsaw when we were kids.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I putting the links of the jigsaws in case you want to buy them. They cost around 2800-2940 yens.

Rakuten Link


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Upcoming One Piece Figuarts Zero Trafalgar Law Battle version

Hope you like this new upcoming figure from the figuarts zero collection.

This time they are releasing a new trafalgar law battle figure.

The prize for this figure will be 3,780 yens and it will have a release date of february of 2014.

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