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Official Pictures of Megahouse POP Trafalgar Law 2.5

Here are the official pictures of the Trafalgar Law 2.5 version.

Enjoy the pictures

law_2_5_o1 law_2_5_o2 law_2_5_o3 law_2_5_o4 law_2_5_o5 law_2_5_o6 law_2_5_o7 law_2_5_o8 law_2_5_o9 law_2_5_omain


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Official pictures of Megahouse POP Portgas D Ace

No time for words, let’s just admire these lovely pictures of Portgas D Ace.

Man you have to love that pose when he is smiling. I don’t know about you guys but I see him smile like that and I always remember that scene from him and Luffy at MarineFord.

Enjoy the pictures

ace_lim1 ace_lim2 ace_lim3 ace_lim4 ace_lim5 ace_lim6 ace_lim7 ace_lim8 ace_lim9 ace_lim10 ace_lim11

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You wanted more Megahouse POP Kaku Photos, then here you go

Just to make you guys happy, I show you a lot of pictures of the new upcoming Megahouse Kaku figure.

This figure looks amazing and also the different poses. This is actually a good set that I want to see completed. I’m talking about the CP9 group.

Here are the pictures. I hope you guys enjoy them.




Kaku looking so serious



and now too happy 🙂


Ready for some action

kaku_official3 kaku_official4 kaku_official5 kaku_official6 kaku_official7

Love this pose with the two swordskaku_official8 kaku_official9 kaku_official10 kaku_official11 kaku_official12 kaku_official13 kaku_official14 kaku_official15 kaku_official16 kaku_official17

Also these closeup shots are amazing

kaku_official18 kaku_official19 kaku_official20 kaku_official21 kaku_official22 kaku_official23 kaku_official24 kaku_official25 kaku_official26 kaku_official27 kaku_official28 kaku_official29 kaku_official30 kaku_official31

Kaku holding his devil fruit

kaku_official32 kaku_official33

This is how will Kaku look next to his CP9 buddies, what do you think. Do you like them?

kaku_official34 kaku_official35 kaku_official36 kaku_official37