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New info on Megahouse POP Corazon and Law

Hi guys just to let you know something interesting on these two characters.

It seems that these figure will be combine into one box and they will be under the MAS POP collection.

So you know what this mean. It will be probably expensive. As soon as I see more information on these two awesome figures I will let you know



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Where to get the Megahouse POP of Nami Film Z Ver BB

Guys here are all the links where you can get this awesome Nami Film Z ver BB figure.

Kolektakon ( 79.95 dollars + shipping)

Big in Japan (9300 yens + shipping)

Nippon Yasan (8980 yens + shipping)

Animarket (75 dollars + shipping)

You decide which one you want to get.

If you want my opinion, I will go for either BigInJapan or Nippon-Yaman.



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Mega Hobby Spring Expo 2015 Lots of Nami Film Z Pictures

It seems that the night was of Nami because a lot of people have pictures of her.

Here are most of the pictures that you can find of her.

Enjoy them

nami_filmz_v1 nami_filmz_v2 nami_filmz_v3 nami_filmz_v4 nami_filmz_v5 nami_filmz_v6 nami_filmz_v7 nami_filmz_v8 nami_filmz_v9 nami_filmz_v10

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We are hours away of the Mega Hobby Spring EXPO 2015 are you ready?

Like I was saying guys, we are just a few hours away (aproximately 4 hours since I wrote this post).

The event will start at 10am (Japan Time) so please make sure to check on Google JAPAN TIME if you want to check the exact hour. I just wish I had a timer but I don’t have one.

Anyways, what do you guys want to see at the expo, maybe some more variant heroes figures? maybe new megahouse figures? Could we see a new Franky (imagine that) or could be se a Vergo, Cesar Clown, Nightmare Luffy, Buggy?

Let’s see if this Expo doesn’t dissapoint us as the last one. What I really want to see is that they cancel that horrible Lao G figure that sucked (that character really really blows).

Well let’s just wait guys and as soon as I get some pictures I will post them here and you can also see them on our facebook.

so if you still haven’t liked our facebook, please go and do it.



I knew it Megahouse Nami Film Z (It’s the bikini one guys)

Hi guys,

Well there were people that were thinking that the new Megahouse Nami Film Z was going to be the Soldier Nami but for me it was obvious that Megahouse always wants to put Nami with less clothing everytime so yeap I was right.

The new Film Z figure of Nami will be the Bikini one which actually reminds me a lot of the Crimin version.

what do you guys think? and let me know if you are planning on getting her.

Enjoy the picture.


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Where to get your Koala and Sabo figures

Hey guys, here’s a list of site that you can use to get your Koala and Sabo figures.

I was going to put the following websites but they already closed their pre-orders: biginjapan, nippon-yasan and hobby search.

A few notes, the yen is still like 8.13 dollars for 1000 yens so its pretty good right now, so I recommend buy in them for japanese sites instead of american or other sites. Sometimes they actually sell them for a good price for example animarket and kolektakon. Because they actually reduce the price so it can be similar to the yen price.

So here’s a picture of the Koala and Sabo figure and the list of sites.

Enjoy and happy buying



Koala (7780 yens + shipping)

Sabo (9780 yens + shipping)


Koala ( 74 dollars + shipping)

Sabo ( 82 dollars + shipping)


Koala ( 79.95 dollars + shipping)

Sabo ( 89.95 dollars + shipping)

Hobby Link Japan

Koala (9000 yens + shipping)

Sabo (9950 yens + shipping)