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Megahouse POP of Momonosuke has been Delayed


I’m just writing this post to let you know that the POP figure of Momonosuke has been delayed.

They changed the release date from late August (probably August 30) to early Septermber.

So, my guess is that it will just be delayed tops 2 weeks.

Hope you guys don’t get angry but well sometimes things like this happens.

At least he wasn’t that expensive.




You can Pre-order these POP figures now (Law, Momonosuke, Bartolomeo)

Well well well,

Thegrandlineshop went ahead of everyone and open up pre-orders for these amazon figures:

Megahouse POP Law Sailing Again

Megahouse POP CB Momonosuke

Megahouse POP Limited Bartolomeo


Law has a price of $87 dollars (with free shipping promotion) – $40 dollars deposit

Momonosuke has a price of $31 dollars and free shipping (promotion) 

Bartolomeo has a price of $85 dollars + shipping – $40 dollars deposit


Here are the direct links guys, in case you want to pre-order them. As always if I find more stores that will be getting these figures I will let you know.


Trafalgar Law




Note: Let me know if you like these types of image collages that I did and if you are going to get these figures. For me the most have is the Law figure.

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Quick News (Momonosuke and Trafalgar Law SA Ver 2)


It seems that after Cavendish our new upcoming figures will be POP Mild Momonosuke and POP SA Ver 2 of Trafalgar Law.

What we know so far is that Momonosuke will have an aproximate price of 3100 yens and Law will have an aprox. price of 8800 yens + shipping.

Here are some pictures of both figures.

Once I know where to get these figures, I will let you know.


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WonderFest Winter Festival (Megahouse)


So far there hasn’t been a lot of pictures related to the festival.

So I will just show you what has been released so far.

Unfortunately there are no big surprises here. We have only see some new painted figures. Like the momonosuke and Rebecca figure.

Let me show you now all the pictures.

Bartolomeo. Now Megahouse has shown Bartlomeo with a different pose that the one they showed at the JumpFesta. Do you like what you see?


Here’s another pictures. This picture shows Momonosuke, Luffy Z and Bartolomeo. So far it seem that maybe Megahouse made the mistake of showing a lot of figures at the JumpFesta festival.



Here’s the picture of Momonosuke again on a closeup. So far no date for his release.



Now here’s a picture of Bellamy. This time they are showing Bellamy on a different pose than the one from before.

It seems that Bellamy is rocking those sunglasses 🙂 (No release for him also)




Trafalgar Law its just amazing. Now they show him with a look without the hoodie on. Again Law it’s just awesome. No release either for him.




Now Lastly but for me the best figure so far it is this Rebecca figure. Let me say this, Rebecca I don’t boo you or curse you.

I just can say, you are a damn looking good figure. Here are some pics.



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Megahooby Expo 2013 Autumn All the images from the Expo


Here are all the images from the Expo. Let me know what you like and what you didn’t like.

Also please look and put attention to the base on Lucci. It seems that maybe the MAS figures will have different bases than the normal figures.

But well without any more distractions here are the pictures. Enjoy them.



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Megahobby Expo 2013 Autumn 2 more Megahouse P.O.P Kaku and Bellamy

More figures guys.

This turn they show a Kaku and Bellamy figure.

I personally don’t like the Kaku figure for me is to simple but I love the Bellamy figure.

Oh my God it seems that they are showing a lot of new figures this time around.

Stay online for more releases.