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Nice figures to pre-order

Here are some figures that you might want to pre-order.

One Piece King of Artist (Portgas D Ace) 1990 yens + shipping


If you loved the Kinf of Artist of Monkey D Luffy, then you must get this and for that price is a no brainer.

One Piece DFX (DoFlamingo and Corazon) 2990 yens + shipping


Here a lovely set if you like them both, you can also get DoFlamingo alone if you don’t want the Corazon figure but I recommend getting both because of the price.

One Piece Scultures Sanji – Normal version and set of 2 (normal and black figure)

Normal version is 1590 yens + shipping and the set of 2 is 2990 yens + shipping. If you ask me I rather by the set.

Normal Sanji Link


Here’s the link for the set of 2



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King of Artist Monkey D Luffy Colored Version (Link to get him)

Guys good news,

Here’s a link where you can get the colored version of the King of Artist Monkey D Luffy and the price its also good. I love when japanese sites put weird figures up for sale.

The price of this figure its 2240 yens + shipping.

Here’s the link

Here are some pictures.


luffy_arts1 luffy_arts2 luffy_arts3 luffy_arts4 luffy_arts5 luffy_arts6 luffy_arts7 luffy_arts8

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Monkey D Luffy New King of Artist Colored Figure what do you think?

Hey guys,

I find out that it seems that there was a competition on who could better colored the King of Artist Luffy figure and here I’m showing you the pictures of the resulting figure.

I really hope they release this figure so we can get it. It’s absolutely amazing and it looks like Luffy just came out of the anime/manga.

Do you guys like it?

Enjoy the pictures

luffy_arts8 luffy_arts7 luffy_arts6 luffy_arts5 luffy_arts4 luffy_arts3 luffy_arts2 luffy_arts1

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Question: I want to know which Arc are you currently watching of One Piece?

Hi guys,

Sorry it took me a little bit more. I have been sick but I have returned and I have another question for now.

Can you let me know how much of the One Piece series have you seen? I want to know if there is people that just starting watching the series of if most of you are up-to-date like me with the anime and manga.

So please take a minute to answer my little survey. Thanks


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Another picture for the CB-R Series Luffy, Robin, Sanji

Found another pictures for the CB-R Series that Megahouse will be releasing soon.

It seems that now the figures will come with different color bases. As you can see on the picture Luffy will have a Red now, Sanji a blue one and Robin a purple one.

they look nice when you put them with the grown up version. What do you think?

What about the hinted figure on the lower part, who do you think it is? Could it be Brook because of the hair?

Let me know who do you think it is?


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X-Plus Gigantic Series Monkey D. Luffy

Here’s an interesting figure because this one look identical to the one that I show you a couple of weeks ago.

This one remind me a lot to the PLEX figure of Luffy but it seems that is a totally different one.

This one for all those collectors of Luffy has a height of 34.5 cm that is around 13.5 inches tall.

This figure is already for pre-order on different site. So, here are the links where you can get it from.

Big In Japan (9660 yens + shipping)

Nippon Yassan (9780 yens + shipping)

TheGrandLineShop (97 dollars + shipping with 40 dllrs for deposit)

Amiami (19280 yens + shipping)

Here are some pictures of this lovely figure.

gigantic_luffy1 gigantic_luffy2 gigantic_luffy3 gigantic_luffy4 gigantic_luffy5 gigantic_luffy6 gigantic_luffy7 gigantic_luffy8 gigantic_luffy9