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Mega Hobby Expo Spring 2015 Megahouse Boa and Robin (Better Pictures)

Here are some better quality pictures of Boa and Robin


boa_1 boa_2

robin_2 robin_1


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Oh damn Its not really clear but?

Right now there are only a few little images but I think we are going to get another Boa Hancock in bikini which its good.

A corazón which I love and a Trafalgar Law Mild? Oh my God these figures are getting super awesome by the minute.

Finally, it seems that we are getting a Nico Robin on bikini? Whaaaaat finally a good sexy Nico Robin.

Enjoy the pics

boa_v1 corazon_v1 robin_v1

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Figuarts Zero Nico Robin Dressrosa Version

Ok guys, here is the 1st vide review.

I just finish this video of the Figuarts Zero figure of Nico Robin. I have to say that I had my doubts on this figure but once I got her I was very very happy with my Robin Figure.

I hope you like the video and as always any advice or comments will be helpful.


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Another picture for the CB-R Series Luffy, Robin, Sanji

Found another pictures for the CB-R Series that Megahouse will be releasing soon.

It seems that now the figures will come with different color bases. As you can see on the picture Luffy will have a Red now, Sanji a blue one and Robin a purple one.

they look nice when you put them with the grown up version. What do you think?

What about the hinted figure on the lower part, who do you think it is? Could it be Brook because of the hair?

Let me know who do you think it is?


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Megahouse CB figures coming back (I call it)


This its an awesome news for all of those like me that wanted a revival of this amazon series. The CB (child) series from Megahouse.

This had to be coming specially because of the addition of Rebecca and Momonosuke. I hope they make another Sabo, Koala and little Law. If you think more they could also make a Baby 5, Buffalo, Kuina, Chimney, Aisa, etc.

So according to recent news Megahouse will start by releasing the following three figures: Luffy, Nico Robin and Sanji.

The will have the following name CB-R1. I think the R its for Renewal.

So, let’s wait an see when can we pre-order these awesome figures, once I know I will let you know.

Are you excited?


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GrandlineMen Lady 15th Anniversary Nami and Robin

Well the Grandlinemen figures keep on coming. You can also pre-order this lovely figures of Nami and Robin on their 15th anniversary outfits.

Here is the link where you can get both figures which are combined on a single item, which I think is better that way.

If I see them separately I will let you know.

Nami and Robin (3200 yens + shipping)

grandlinemen_robin1 grandlinemen_nami1

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News sites to pre-order Figuarts Zero Luffy (Lucy) and Nico Robin. Hurry up

Guys, they just put the figuarts Zero figures of Luffy (Lucy) and Nico Robin (Dressrosa Outfit) for pre-orders at amiami and hobby search.

Here are the links so you can get them


Nico Robin (2770 yens + shipping)

Luffy (Lucy) 21540 yens + shipping


Hobby Search

Nico Robin (3060 yens + shipping)

Luffy/Lucy (2380 yens + shipping)

So there you have it guys. I hope you can get these awesome figures.