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Megahouse CB figures coming back (I call it)


This its an awesome news for all of those like me that wanted a revival of this amazon series. The CB (child) series from Megahouse.

This had to be coming specially because of the addition of Rebecca and Momonosuke. I hope they make another Sabo, Koala and little Law. If you think more they could also make a Baby 5, Buffalo, Kuina, Chimney, Aisa, etc.

So according to recent news Megahouse will start by releasing the following three figures: Luffy, Nico Robin and Sanji.

The will have the following name CB-R1. I think the R its for Renewal.

So, let’s wait an see when can we pre-order these awesome figures, once I know I will let you know.

Are you excited?



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Ani Chara Child One Piece figures

Here are some little figures of one piece characters as children.

I really like them. The release date of these figures will be on December 2014 and it will be a box with the 15 pieces.

Once I know where to get them I will let you know. Here is a picture of these figures.