Page dedicated to the OnePiece POP figures and other figures.

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Video Ready here’s POP DX of Portgas D Ace 10th Limited Ver

Here’s the Video review guys. Let me know if you think my videos are getting to long to see 😦

I actually like to do a detail review on this figure so you can enjoy them more than just looking at it for 2 minutes.

Enjoy my review and please answer the poll to see if my videos are ok or if the last to long.



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Question. Which Figure are you waiting for or which one you want?


I have a question for you.

Which figure do you are waiting that you have pre-order and can’t wait to get or which figure you want to have but can’t have either because is too expensive of maybe because is to difficult to find.

I hope you want to answer my simple question.

I will wait patiently for your answers.


Note: Thanks to Kaneda and Luis for their pictures.

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WonderFest Winter Festival (Megahouse)


So far there hasn’t been a lot of pictures related to the festival.

So I will just show you what has been released so far.

Unfortunately there are no big surprises here. We have only see some new painted figures. Like the momonosuke and Rebecca figure.

Let me show you now all the pictures.

Bartolomeo. Now Megahouse has shown Bartlomeo with a different pose that the one they showed at the JumpFesta. Do you like what you see?


Here’s another pictures. This picture shows Momonosuke, Luffy Z and Bartolomeo. So far it seem that maybe Megahouse made the mistake of showing a lot of figures at the JumpFesta festival.



Here’s the picture of Momonosuke again on a closeup. So far no date for his release.



Now here’s a picture of Bellamy. This time they are showing Bellamy on a different pose than the one from before.

It seems that Bellamy is rocking those sunglasses 🙂 (No release for him also)




Trafalgar Law its just amazing. Now they show him with a look without the hoodie on. Again Law it’s just awesome. No release either for him.




Now Lastly but for me the best figure so far it is this Rebecca figure. Let me say this, Rebecca I don’t boo you or curse you.

I just can say, you are a damn looking good figure. Here are some pics.



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Banpresto Prize Fair (The Grandline Children One Piece Kids)

I really like these new figures.

If they created the grandline men, then why not a grandline children 🙂

Look at these amazing One Piece children figures. I always like when a company release children figures because they are awesome.

No doubt on these ones. You have to love Perhona and Law.

Perhona and her little ghost so cute.


Law as a kid looks awesome and I guess since he was a kid he had that weird look on his face of frustration jajajajaja.



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