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Mega Hobby Spring Expo 2015 Lots of Nami Film Z Pictures

It seems that the night was of Nami because a lot of people have pictures of her.

Here are most of the pictures that you can find of her.

Enjoy them

nami_filmz_v1 nami_filmz_v2 nami_filmz_v3 nami_filmz_v4 nami_filmz_v5 nami_filmz_v6 nami_filmz_v7 nami_filmz_v8 nami_filmz_v9 nami_filmz_v10


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Megahouse POP Film Z Nami??????


It seems that we could finally see some good figure coming our way again.

It seems that we are going to see a prototype of Nami Film Z figure. Which version we are going to see, I guess we need to wait until probably the next festival.

I wish it was the bathing suit version but checking the other figures and based on the news from a few hours ago its seems that its a B.B Version which it lets me think is the one with the soldier helmet.

So what you guys think, are you happy?

Enjoy these two pictures of Nami form the Film Z movie

nami_filmz_1 nami_filmz_2

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As promised here are the pictures of the new P.O.P of Zoro Film Z

Here are the photos guys,

I hope you like them. I think this is the first time I take some pictures of a single figure so let me know what you think.

I had a lot of fun taking this pictures that I even had to delete a lot of them and I mean a lot of them (like 50) jejejeje. But well I think I left the good ones here. I also tried to take some monochromatic ones, so please let me know if you like those as well.

Here are the pictures so enjoy.


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Megahouse P.O.P One Piece Roronoa Zoro Film Z (Delayed)


I have bad or maybe good news for you. The POP of Zoro (Film Z version) has been delayed.

The figure supposedly to be released at the end of this month, has been moved back to March 2014.

So for those who didn’t had money to pay the figure is a good news, but for those like me that wanted to have him (NOW)  😦

Then we need to wait a little longer.

So let me know what you guys thing about this delay. Do you like him, hate it or it was expected by Megahouse?


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Megahooby Expo 2013 Autumn All the images from the Expo


Here are all the images from the Expo. Let me know what you like and what you didn’t like.

Also please look and put attention to the base on Lucci. It seems that maybe the MAS figures will have different bases than the normal figures.

But well without any more distractions here are the pictures. Enjoy them.



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Megahouse One Piece P.O.P Monkey D. Luffy Z

Guys here a link and image form the upcoming Monkey D. Luffy Version Z from Megahouse.

You can get this awesome figure from thegrandlineshop. I highly recommend their site.

Here’s the link so you can get it.

Here’s the image also. If I found more images I will post them here.


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One Piece Mug (Mugiwara Store)

I love this mug that the mugiwara store from Japan has.

I really hope you could shop from this store online but it seems that you can unless you have a proxy service guy.

Hope you like the mug like I do.