Page dedicated to the OnePiece POP figures and other figures.

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One Piece Mug get it here

Do you guys want a One Piece Mug for your coffee with all the pirate logos.

Here you go, get it from amiami.

Here’s a picture of the Mug. The price is super cheap 970 yens (around 8.10 dollars).


If you want it in white, here’s the other link


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Guys sharing my new Corazon Sweatshit its Amazing!!!!!!!!

I got this from amiami a couple of months ago and I just got it today.

The brand is from a company called COSPA and it has a legit golden toei sticker.

I have to say that this sweatshirt/fleece its pretty good. The materials are soft and comfortable.

The only advice that I can give you because I actually experience it and had to get two shirts its that the size of this brand its kind of wrong.

If you are a medium you have to get a large or if your size its small then you have to get a medium.

But well, here you go guy. Hope you like the pictures. If you have questions for me pleae don’t hesitate on asking.


20150501_125211 20150501_125117 20150501_125036 20150501_124657

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Ani Chara Child One Piece figures

Here are some little figures of one piece characters as children.

I really like them. The release date of these figures will be on December 2014 and it will be a box with the 15 pieces.

Once I know where to get them I will let you know. Here is a picture of these figures.


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One Piece Swords, Yes Swords

Oh My God that is what I said when I saw this news online.

Aparently there is this company (sword craftsman from famous Higashiyama temple) that started making the 3 swords of Zoro and Trafalgar Law sword.

Immediately I was like I need them but when I realized that each sword its almost 1000 dollars I was like mmmmmm I wish I was rich hahahahaha.

But here you go, here are some pictures of these amazing hand made swords from Zoro and Law.

Let me know if you like them. Personally, I like the Kitetsu and Kikoku(Law) sword more.

They are available at but man they are crazy expensive.

Here’s the link for the 1st sword if there is somebody interested.【ONE-PIECE正規ライセンス商品】本格美術刀剣:三代鬼徹(ロロノア・ゾロ所有刀)/dp/B00NUT0US0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1414203466&sr=8-1&keywords=本格美術刀剣+三代鬼徹+ロロノア・ゾロ所有

Sandai Kitetsu (¥99800)

kitetsu1 kitetsu2

Wado Ichimonji (¥79800)

wado1 wado2

Shusui (¥79800)

Shusui1 shusui2

Kikoku (¥99800)

kikoku1 kikoku2

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15th Anniversary One Piece Wall Clock

You want a really nice good looking 15h anniversary One Piece wall clock? Well, then don’t look a lot there is one at a miami for 2160 yens + shipping.

Here’s an image of the wall clock and the link.


There are two more clocks available. A Trafalgar Law and a Chopper one. The also look amazon, here are the pics.

clockchopper1 clocklaw_1



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Space Expo Jump Carnival Victory Part 4 (GranlineMen and some items)

Now here comes the new GrandlineMen Series of One Piece.

I really like this figures. They are based on the 15th anniversary of the Series.

Also if you are up-to-date with the anime then you know that on the new One Piece opening all of the crew is wearing this outfits.

Some people like to see these figures as figuarts or maybe POPs but you know the more detail they are the more expensive and I really think if they released them as POPs high collectors will love them but some will say that Megahouse already released a lot of different series of the Crew.

Here are the pictures of this series and after the pictures I show you some other pictures of interesting items that the One Piece series has.



grandlinemen_nami1 grandlinemen_robin1 grandlinemen_sanji1 

grandlinemen_brook1 grandlinemen_chopper1 grandlinemen_franky1 grandlinemen_luffy1 grandlinemen_usopp1 grandlinemen_zoro1


Ok here are some items that I found from the festival.

Who wouldn’t like a One Piece credit card or the Luffy/Law crystal ball. Here are the pictures and more post are coming so please stay tuned.

luffy_card luffy_cristal1

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Look these nice charms-keychain of Trafalgar Law and Bepo

Found these nice charms-keychains of Law, Bepo and Law’s Ship.

What do you think. It seems that they will be releasing these items this June.

For now the only possible sites to get them are the classic Japanese auction sites like rakuten, auction japan, etc

Here are some images of these items. You be the judge to see if you like them.

law_chain1 law_chain2