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Megahouse POP Trafalgar Law 2.5 a reality

Well I saw this news like 2 weeks ago but I didn’t want to get people excited just because there was a rumor that probably another Law figures was going to be released.

At the beginning I said oh my Dear Jesus another one? really Megahouse but well you know how these guys are right now.

The are just releasing crazy figures instead of making the real figures that matter.

But well, lets talk about the facts. The figure will be limited, so you know what that means (more money) and hard to get a real japanese toei sticker figure but if you don’t care like me, then just buy it from a good international site.

If my theory is correct, according to the pictures I think the pre-order will be probably in November 7th and the release date will be for March 2015 but please correct me if I’m wrong.

Well here are some pictures so you guys can see what this figure looks like. I’m not really a fan of this one but I might get it to do a review and probably sell it later.

Enjoy the pictures.

law2_5_1 law2_5_2 law2_5_3