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Megahouse POP of Chopper (I will call it the Watermelon Chopper)

Hi guys,

Its so funny that we used to see the chopper man on multiple colors and after a while and after seeing like pretty much 20 colors we were thinking now they finally stopped.

Well they might stop the Choppermans but now they find the Chopper Sailing again as the new choppermans oh yea this for them its a way of making more money thru chopper figures. Some will love the new Chopper Sailing again figure, some will hate them. I guess the true collector of the whole collection will hate it but it is what it is.

Well, let me show you the new Chopper Sailing again and if you want to get it right now and you have lots of money then you can spend 9500 yens + shipping at nippon-yassan. This figure is a limited edition from the megahouse festival of this summer 2015. This festival will start this next August 30th.

Here is the link from nippon-yassan and some pictures of this figure. Will you get watermelon chopper. I will but not for 9500 yens that is ridiculous.

chopper_watermelon1chopperwatermelon2 chopperwatermelon3 chopperwatermelon4 chopperwatermelon5 chopperwatermelon6


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Wonder Fest Summer 2015

I know is a news that is super late but here are the figures that were shown at the Wonder Fest of Summer 2015.

The reality is that they didnt show anything special. The only new figure that was shown was a Ver 2 of Luffy Sailing Again.

Like if we didn’t have enough of the main characters ­čśŤ

Also, they show all the colored figures of RobinVer BB, Boa Hancock Ver BB, Nami Variable Action Heroes figure and the set of the Corazon POP and Law POP Mild (corazon will be a limited one), so get him while you can.

I’m really sorry that I didnt show you these figures before. So, here are the images.


wf_summer2015_corazonlaw wf_summer2015_luffy wf_summer2015_namivariant wf_summer2015_boa wf_summer2015_robin

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New info on Megahouse POP Corazon and Law

Hi guys just to let you know something interesting on these two characters.

It seems that these figure will be combine into one box and they will be under the MAS POP collection.

So you know what this mean. It will be probably expensive. As soon as I see more information on these two awesome figures I will let you know


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Megahouse POP Nami Film Z Ver BB Official Photos

Here you go guys. If you wanted to see the official photos of Nami Film Z Ver BB figure then where you go.

Do you like this Nami or do you think its enough of this Bikini Figures?

I think they exaggerated a little bit on Nami’s breast, they are getting ridiculous but what do you think?

Enjoy the pics

nami_filmz_of1 nami_filmz_of2 nami_filmz_of3 nami_filmz_of4 nami_filmz_of5 nami_filmz_of6 nami_filmz_of7 nami_filmz_of8 nami_filmz_of9 nami_filmz_of10 nami_filmz_of11 nami_filmz_of12

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Megahobby Spring Expo 2015 Megahouse Corazon and Mild Law

Here’s a couple of nice figures that you might be interested but this will make me wonder why in hell they haven’t created a Shanks/Luffy set then because this one seems that it needs Law or it needs Corazon so you can pose the figures correctly.

Do you agree? Anyways here are some closeup pictures of these figures.


corazon_1 corazon_2 corazon_3 corazon_4 corazon_v1 law_1

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Mega Hobby Spring Expo 2015 Lots of Nami Film Z Pictures

It seems that the night was of Nami because a lot of people have pictures of her.

Here are most of the pictures that you can find of her.

Enjoy them

nami_filmz_v1 nami_filmz_v2 nami_filmz_v3 nami_filmz_v4 nami_filmz_v5 nami_filmz_v6 nami_filmz_v7 nami_filmz_v8 nami_filmz_v9 nami_filmz_v10