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Creator x Creator Roronoa Zoro (ready for this bad boy)

Hi guy,

Here are some pictures of the upcoming figures of Roronoa Zoro from the company Creator x Creator.

Man this its an awesome set of figures. I could only pre-order the normal figure but I hopw I can find them for sale so I can give you guys the link.

Here are some pictures.

creator_zoro1 creator_zoro2 creator_zoro3 creator_zoro4 creator_zoro5 creator_zoro6 creator_zoro7 creator_zoro8 creator_zoro9 creator_zoro10 creator_zoro11 creator_zoro12 creator_zoro13 creator_zoro14 creator_zoro15 creator_zoro16 creator_zoro17 creator_zoro18 creator_zoro19 creator_zoro20 creator_zoro21 creator_zoro22 creator_zoro23 creator_zoro24


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Who would’t like these amazing figure bust of Law and Zoro

These figures bust seem to be a private collection but I really hope they can commercialize them because if you ask me I will buy them with out thinking. It seems that the sculptor of these figures its a person with the name Siato heel but I’m not 100% sure.

So creator of these amazing bust I will say to you commercialize them and TAKE MY MONEY ūüėÄ

Enjoy the pictures

law_zoro_bust1 law_zoro_bust2 law_zoro_bust3 law_zoro_bust4 law_zoro_bust5 law_zoro_bust6 law_zoro_bust7

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Megahouse Variable Action Heroes Roronoa Zoro Up for Pre-Order


Now you can pre-order this awesome Zoro figure. Here are all the links where you can get him from.

Amiami (7250 yens + shipping)

Hobby Search (7650 yens + shipping)

Big In Japan (7480 yens + shipping)

Here are some better photos of this awesome figure.


zoro_o1 zoro_o2 zoro_o3 zoro_o4 zoro_o5 zoro_o6 zoro_o7

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Megahouse Variable Heroes Roronoa Zoro

Hello guys, let me show you another figure from the Variable Heroes collection of Megahouse.

This time they have decided to include Roronoa Zoro into the other group of figures.

As you know the Variable Heroes collection it’s a new collection that started with Luffy, then with Trafalgar and Ace in that order.

So what do you guys this of this new addition. Some people might not like the fact that they look like Gi-Joe figures where you see all of the articulation but the beauty of it its that you can pose them in imaginable positions.

So here are the pictures that I could find, I hope you like them.

Finally even when they haven’t released a pre-order date there is a release date of September so be prepared in case you want this awesome figure.

zoro_v1 zoro_v2 zoro_v3 zoro_v4 zoro_v5 zoro_v6 zoro_v7

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Guys Here’s where you can get your new POPs from

As promised here are a full list of sites where you can get your figures from.

I just put the ones that I know will have a toei sticker. If you don’t mind on getting an international ticker, please send me a message so I can send you the link.

I will start from the cheapest one to the expensive one.

Note: Keep in mind that right now the Yen is not really good. Right now 1000 yens are like 8.30 dollars, so for example a figure that is 8,000 yens instead of costing 80 dollars, it will cost you around 67 dollars plus shipping it will be like the 80 dollars that you probably were thinking that the 8000 yens where. So, that has to be pretty nice ūüôā


Zoro 10th Limited


Amiami (8000 yens + shipping)

Big in Japan (8140 yens + shipping. I think I paid an estimate of 1900 yens for shipping)

Nippon-Yassan (Out of stock they had it for 8280 yens + shipping)

Animarket (77 dollars + shipping)

Hobby Search (8325 yens + shipping)

CB-R3 Vivi, Franky and Usopp

vivi_cb_r3_3franky_cb_r3_1 usopp_cb_r3_3

Amiami (2380 yens + shipping)  (Vivi)  (Franky)  (Usopp)

Big in Japan (2475 yens + shipping. I think I paid an estimate of 500 yens for shipping)  (Vivi)  (Franky)  (Usopp)

Nippon-Yassan (2520 yens + shipping)  (Vivi)  (Franky)  (Usopp)

Animarket (33 dollars + shipping)   (Vivi)  (Franky)   (Usopp)

Hobby Search (2475 yens + shipping)   (Vivi)   (Franky)   (Usopp)



Animarket (75 dollars + shipping)

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Megahouse POP Roronoa Zoro 10th Limited Version Coming Soon

Boy oh Boy!

When I thought that my 1st pre-order was going to be BonClay I got a better surprise.

Zoro 10th Limited edition will open this next March 5th and man he is not coming alone. In a minute I will post another pre-orders that will be open on March 5th (Thursday).

Enjoy the pictures of Zoro.

wf_zoro2 wf_zoro3 wf_zoro1