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Nice figures to pre-order

Here are some figures that you might want to pre-order.

One Piece King of Artist (Portgas D Ace) 1990 yens + shipping


If you loved the Kinf of Artist of Monkey D Luffy, then you must get this and for that price is a no brainer.

One Piece DFX (DoFlamingo and Corazon) 2990 yens + shipping


Here a lovely set if you like them both, you can also get DoFlamingo alone if you don’t want the Corazon figure but I recommend getting both because of the price.

One Piece Scultures Sanji – Normal version and set of 2 (normal and black figure)

Normal version is 1590 yens + shipping and the set of 2 is 2990 yens + shipping. If you ask me I rather by the set.

Normal Sanji Link


Here’s the link for the set of 2



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Another picture for the CB-R Series Luffy, Robin, Sanji

Found another pictures for the CB-R Series that Megahouse will be releasing soon.

It seems that now the figures will come with different color bases. As you can see on the picture Luffy will have a Red now, Sanji a blue one and Robin a purple one.

they look nice when you put them with the grown up version. What do you think?

What about the hinted figure on the lower part, who do you think it is? Could it be Brook because of the hair?

Let me know who do you think it is?


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Megahouse CB figures coming back (I call it)


This its an awesome news for all of those like me that wanted a revival of this amazon series. The CB (child) series from Megahouse.

This had to be coming specially because of the addition of Rebecca and Momonosuke. I hope they make another Sabo, Koala and little Law. If you think more they could also make a Baby 5, Buffalo, Kuina, Chimney, Aisa, etc.

So according to recent news Megahouse will start by releasing the following three figures: Luffy, Nico Robin and Sanji.

The will have the following name CB-R1. I think the R its for Renewal.

So, let’s wait an see when can we pre-order these awesome figures, once I know I will let you know.

Are you excited?


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Check these Banpresto figures up for pre-orders

Here are some figures which are now open for pre-orders.

Some are ok but some are really good. Which one are you going to get?

Banpresto King of Artist Monkey D Luffy.


Here are the links for Luffy

Big in Japan (1790 yen + shipping)

TheGrandlineShop (25 dllrs + shipping)

This figure I really think got created because of the awesome drawing of a japanese newspaper and if you recall it was on a page of the New York Times.

The next figures are also form Banpresto but form the series the Grandlinemen. This time I show to you the figures of Zoro  and Sanji and as you might know these figures are based on the 15 anniversary customs that the crew has. I really like Zoro’s outfit and so so Sanji’s

grandlinemen_15_zoro_1 grandlinemen_15_zoro2

grandlinemen_15_sanji1 grandlinemen_15_sanji2

Here are the links where you can buy Zoro and Sanji from:

Big in Japan (1590 yen + shipping) for both



TheGrandLineShop (20 dllrs + shipping) for both




Last but not least its the figure of Banpresto Scultures Colosseum of Franky. I like this figure of Franky but well is Iron Franky instead of Franky but we still love him and make an awesome excitement face even if the girls don’t like it.

colosseum_franky1 colosseum_franky2

Here are the links to pre-order this Franky

Big in Japan (1590 yens + shipping)

TheGrandlineShop (20 dllrs + shipping)

So I hope you like this news and let me know which one you like and are going to order.


WCF Liu Gu Kingdom figures (pictures and boxes)

Here are some pictures of the upcoming WCF set of the Liu Gu Kingdom.

It seems that this set will be separated in two different volumes. As you can see in the pictures there are 4 figures and Shirahoshi. Also as you can notice some of this figures are parts that act like a jigsaw. Once you connect them all you get a pretty awesome big figure.

wcf_kindom1 wcf_kindom2 wcf_kindom3 wcf_kindom4 wcf_kindom5 wcf_kindom6 wcf_kindom7

Lastly here’s the last picture, which shows you what I’m talking about. I’m pretty sure these figure are going to complete the full set of figures. So what do you think? Who from here collects WCFs so they can share their opinion.

wcf_water5 wcf_water4 wcf_water3

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Mugiwara Pirates 15th anniversary picture question

You probably check the new outfits of the Mugiwara Characters.

So I have a question for you. Which character you like the most?  Please comment on facebook, twitter or to this post or the poll bellow.

Have a wonderful day everybody.


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More JAEPO Cute stuff (New WCFs figures and Perhona accessories)

Let me show you some interesting figures that we also found at the JAEPO event. These are world collectable figures (WCFs), which are going to be released in three different items or orders. First the Shirahoshi Mega and finally two volumes (vol 1 and vol 2). The release dates for these figures are as follow: Shirahoshi Mega (July), Volume 1 (August) and Vol 2 (TBD).

Here are the images of these figures, so I hope you guys like them and man I love that Shirahoshi and Zoro 😀



Now for those followers that love Perhona here are some keychains or charms and what it suppose to be Perhona Cases or little bags.

Hope you like the images.