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Space Expo Jump Carnival Victory Part 5 (Scultures Figures)

The show continues, this time the next set of figures is from the Scultures series.

These figures as you might remember are form the Colosseum contested that the company made a few months back. The figures that I think are the best ones are Luffy Nightmare and you have to get the set of DoFlamingo and Law (they are sold separately) but man you need to pose them like the pictures.

Here are the pictures so you decide which one is the best one.


scultures_fla_law1 scultures_fla_law2 scultures_fla_law3 scultures_flamingo1



Here are the rest of the pictures. Sorry I didn’t put the rest of the pictures but since I already did a post of Zoro I didn’t think it was super important but if you want to see more let me know so I can update the post.

jump_scultures_sengoku1 jump_scultures_luffy1 jump_scultures_kinemon1 jump_scultures_cindry1


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Check these pictures of the upcoming Megahouse POP of Sengoku

Hi there guys,

Here I’m uploading some super cool pictures of the upcoming new Megahouse POP of Sengoku.

A lot of people have been waiting patiently to get this figure. So I’m also excited to tell you that once this awesome figures arrives I will be doing a video review.

So I won’t bore you with a lot of writing. Instead I will show you the pictures. Enjoy guys.

Many thanks to thegrandlineshop for this amazing figures.


More pictures


The rest of the pictures. Is this figures amazing or what? Just by allowing us to change Sengoku head, arms, cape and accessories makes this figure an epic one. Can’t wait to have it on my hands.


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Banpresto Scultures One Piece Colosseum Kinemon and Sengoku

I decided to show two figures for post instead of one.

This next pair is conformed of Kinemon and Sengoku.

Like I said before this Kinemon figure is really beautiful and Sengoku well what can you say is a great figure.


Here are the pictures.



Below you can see more pictures. Continue reading

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Animarket Megahouse One Piece Luffy Z and Sengoku open for pre-orders


I’m writing this post just to let you know that Animarket has open pre-orders for the POPS of Luffy version Z and Limited Sengoku.

The price for Sengoku is !109.95 dollars and the price for Luffy Z is $74.84 dollars .

Both figures require a $20 dollar deposit and the figures release are (Luffy – Feb 2014 and Sengoku March 2014).


Here are the direct links in case you want to get this amazing figures.

Luffy Z

Sengoku Limited



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Ohhhh My GOD OMG OMG……. Megahouse POP One Piece Admiral Sengoku it’s here but is LIMITED :P

I just saw this news and I can’t believe it. 

I really thought I was dreaming but now I’m fully awake and I’m glad I can share with you guys this awesome news.

Megahouse finally released pictures and released date as well as pre-order date for this amazing figure.


Sengoku will have a price of 9,870 yens (including shipping – but more details on that below).

The pre-order will be this November 8th at 13:00 of Japan time.

The actual release date of Sengoku will be for March 2014.

A little of bad news is that this figure will be Limited but don’t worry since most of the stores that we love and know probably will have him. Stores like: Thegrndlineshop, animarket, toys logic, biginjapan, nippon-yassan, etc.

As long as I see the link for the pre-order I will put it here on the blog and on Facebook.

So here you go, the official images of Admiral Sengoku.

I feel Suuuuuupeeeeeeeeeeeeer just to see the pictures jejejeejeje Enjoy.

Image Continue reading

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One Piece Mug (Mugiwara Store)

I love this mug that the mugiwara store from Japan has.

I really hope you could shop from this store online but it seems that you can unless you have a proxy service guy.

Hope you like the mug like I do.


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Rebecca figure. Wish they can make a POP of her

Found this online. It’s a figure of Rebecca the gladiator.

I hope in the future Megahouse, Figuartz or other company makes a figure of this character.

For us collectors it will be a great addition to our collection.

Enjoy the image