Page dedicated to the OnePiece POP figures and other figures.

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Wonder Fest Summer 2015

I know is a news that is super late but here are the figures that were shown at the Wonder Fest of Summer 2015.

The reality is that they didnt show anything special. The only new figure that was shown was a Ver 2 of Luffy Sailing Again.

Like if we didn’t have enough of the main characters 😛

Also, they show all the colored figures of RobinVer BB, Boa Hancock Ver BB, Nami Variable Action Heroes figure and the set of the Corazon POP and Law POP Mild (corazon will be a limited one), so get him while you can.

I’m really sorry that I didnt show you these figures before. So, here are the images.


wf_summer2015_corazonlaw wf_summer2015_luffy wf_summer2015_namivariant wf_summer2015_boa wf_summer2015_robin


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Pre-order Figuarts Zero 5th Anniversary Luffy and Law figure


Here is an interesting figure that you can pre-order.

I’m going to put the links where to get it below so happy pre-orders.



Nippon Yassan sold out already and they haven’t put anything either on Kolektakon nor Big In Japan.

Here are some pictures of this amazing figure.


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Ichiban Kuji of Trafalgar Law and Corazon

Here are some interesting figures of Law and Corazon.

Right now I have only see them on Nippon-yasan but I have a question for you guys. Do you think they are super pricy?

What do you think, do you want to get them or you will pass. I want to get them but I will have to pass unfortunately 😦

Here are some pictures and the links for each figure.

Trafalgar Law (White suit – 12,000 yens + shipping)

Trafalgar Law (Black suit – 6,800 yens + shipping)

Corazon (12,000 yens + shipping)

I forgot to mention that these figures are from the Ichiban Kuji (History of Law) series.


law_white_kuji4 law_white_kuji3 law_white_kuji2 law_white_kuji1 law_black_kuji4 law_black_kuji3 law_black_kuji2 law_black_kuji1 corazon_kuji5 corazon_kuji4 corazon_kuji3 corazon_kuji2 corazon_kuji1

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New info on Megahouse POP Corazon and Law

Hi guys just to let you know something interesting on these two characters.

It seems that these figure will be combine into one box and they will be under the MAS POP collection.

So you know what this mean. It will be probably expensive. As soon as I see more information on these two awesome figures I will let you know


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Who would’t like these amazing figure bust of Law and Zoro

These figures bust seem to be a private collection but I really hope they can commercialize them because if you ask me I will buy them with out thinking. It seems that the sculptor of these figures its a person with the name Siato heel but I’m not 100% sure.

So creator of these amazing bust I will say to you commercialize them and TAKE MY MONEY 😀

Enjoy the pictures

law_zoro_bust1 law_zoro_bust2 law_zoro_bust3 law_zoro_bust4 law_zoro_bust5 law_zoro_bust6 law_zoro_bust7

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Megahobby Spring Expo 2015 Megahouse Corazon and Mild Law

Here’s a couple of nice figures that you might be interested but this will make me wonder why in hell they haven’t created a Shanks/Luffy set then because this one seems that it needs Law or it needs Corazon so you can pose the figures correctly.

Do you agree? Anyways here are some closeup pictures of these figures.


corazon_1 corazon_2 corazon_3 corazon_4 corazon_v1 law_1

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Oh damn Its not really clear but?

Right now there are only a few little images but I think we are going to get another Boa Hancock in bikini which its good.

A corazón which I love and a Trafalgar Law Mild? Oh my God these figures are getting super awesome by the minute.

Finally, it seems that we are getting a Nico Robin on bikini? Whaaaaat finally a good sexy Nico Robin.

Enjoy the pics

boa_v1 corazon_v1 robin_v1