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Look what I’m getting Tsume-Art Whitebeard

I’m so excited that I was one of the lucky 1000 people that could get a hold of this figure.

Sorry I couldn’t even told you about it. I didn’t even was on time when they open pre-orders for this figure.

I was just lucky that I send an email to the costumer service people and they sent me a private link so I could pre-order it just because one person cancel (super lucky) 😀

So what do you guys think? Do you like this figure?

Here are some images.


tsume_whitebeard7 tsume_whitebeard6 tsume_whitebeard5 tsume_whitebeard4 tsume_whitebeard3 tsume_whitebeard2 tsume_whitebeard1


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Jump Festa 2013 Tsume Usopp

Hi there guys,

I didn’t wanted to trow you a lot of info on the 1st day the Jump Festa open his doors.

Because is really a lot to digest and also this figure that I’m about to show you is a really expensive one.

When it comes to Tsume then you are talking of excellent quality figures.

The specialized on high quality figures but at the same time they put effects on their figures.

If you want to see some of their work, please feel free to follow this link.

So now lets talk about the good stuff. Here’s the figure of Usopp. This amazing figure show Usopp with his Impact Wolf Attack.

You can really see the high detail they put on the figure. I really was speechless when I saw it.



This figure has a price of 369 Euros + Shipping. That is why I was telling you that this is an expensive figure.

This is not a single figure, this one my friends is a two combo figure. The only problem is that I’m not sure if they will ship from outside of Luxembourg.

I will ask them to see if they ship this figure and let you know.

For now, please enjoy the rest of the pictures……. Continue reading